13 Day Old Newborn No Poop In 2 Days

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tish212 - December 30

my little girl has been quite the trooper...pooping sevral times a day...however beginning yesterday she hasn't pooped...a lot of pee.... but no poop...shes grunting and very fussy... I've tried gently rubbing her tummy and burping her several times. is it normal for her not to poop? I'm really worried that she may be constipated and in pain since shes never had trouble pooping before...she is also taking mylicon drops for her gas...can that cause her constipation? thanks in advance!


Prego1 - December 30

Is your LO b___stfed or formula-fed? Breastfed babies don't necessarily poop everyday. Did u change anything recently, like a new formula maybe? My DD uses gas drops too, I don't think it causes constipation. You can call the dr. and probably he/she will advise you to give the baby some karo syrup in formula or b___stmilk if needed. Whenever my DD got constipated in the past that is what I used, I added it to her formula. HTH.


tish212 - December 30

thank u...I forgot to add that my lil girl is b___st fed...I have been trying to watch my diet since the dr says that can cause problems...how much of that syrup do u add? thankfully my DD finally did poop A LOT! but incase it happens again....how much syrup sould I give her?


Prego1 - December 31

The nurse told me to use 1 tbsp of dark Karo syrup and spread it out the whole day. U can add it in water or formula. I put it in formula, I didn't put it in b___stmilk. I used to b___stfeed but I also supplemented bec. my supply didn't go up. Then later on DD was diagnosed w/ milk intolerance so we put her on Alimentum w/c is a hypoallergenic formula. I'm no longer nursing bec. I would have to quit eating milk, eggs, any dairy in order for me to b___stfeed. It's good you're watching your diet. Try not to eat anything ga__sy.


excited2bemama - December 31

If your lo is b___sted don;t give her anything to make her poop unless its been 7- 10 days. its NORMAL for b___stfed babies to go a long time in between poops. I totally b___stfed lo only poops like twice a week. Breastmilk is so well absorbed that often there is very little waste products.


tish212 - December 31

the reason I'm worried is b/c she has this grunting habit...shes done it since right after she was born but now her grunting is getting more pronounced and much harder she grunts till shes red in the face...then will scream and cry (shes never screamed this loud I swear shes in excrutiating pain) its like shes trying to move gas or poop and can't... she just started the screaming about 3 days ago... and it scares me that shes in horrible pain and I can't fix it....that's what worries me....if anyone has any ideas please I'd greatly appreciate them this is my first and there are still things I don't know... I'd call her dr but we r in the process of changing drs due to insurance issues thanks


wailing - January 1

My ds was the same as Excited said. Exclusively b'fed and only pooped once a week for a while. I never gave him anything for it and after a while it went to 3X a week, now at 6 months it's once every other day or once a day. They are only constipated if the poop come out hard or harder then usual. If it comes out mushy then that isn't constipation. As for the grunting. My ds grunted alot when he was younger. Our Dr. told us it's b/c they're sphincter muscles that move gas and poop out are so young and weak that they really are struggling to get things out. Imagine using a new muscle for the first time to move things out of ur system....it would be hard in the beginning. But, if ur really worried then I would call a dr and have them check her just incase. U can go to a walk in clinic if ur insurance isn't settled yet..


excited2bemama - January 1

Grunting and turning red is normal.. most infants do this.... especially if they have gas- it doesn;t mean they are constipated.. my 7 month old still grunts at least 1-2 times a day while she is nursing and she only poops 1-2 times a week- SOmetimes I think she grunts at every rumble in her tummy.



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