14 Mo Old Very Picky Eater

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DANI - February 26

My ds only wants cheese, cottage cheese, bananas, some apples, mac n cheese, little chix, but is not really liking anything else. Of course he eats bread, waffles and etc. is anyone else having a hard time getting their toddler to eat a variety of foods. I feel like he doesn't like the texture so he doesn't eat it. What are all of your toddlers eating? Also, how much banana can one toddler have during the day? I wonder if too much banana is not good for him? thanks


lynnstress - February 26

I had the same question about bananas and asked my sister (an RN and mom of 3). She said you CAN get too much banana, so it's best to stick to one small banana per day. My son is 14 months and just decided that he can't get enough bananas. He will even say "nanana" when he sees one or wants one. And when he sees one, he wants one, so I now have to hide them on top of the refrigerator. Remember, kids are just like us and appet_tes vary - ravenously hungry one day, eat just enough to get by the next. Also think about how much milk he is getting and when - too close before meal time, too many bottles, etc. Too much milk can "drown" the appet_te for food. And just try new things every so often. I had no idea mine would love bananas so much! And peas are about the only veg he eats unless other veg's are cooked into something.


austinsmom - February 26

I feel your pain ......I have a very picky eater myself and he is going on 14 months now. I really think it is the texture as well. My lo will not eat cheese, fruit, veg or anything he can mush with his fingers. That means just about all the finger foods unless it is a cookie or puff etc. I am not much help on this for you though cause I have had no luck changing this around. I am at least in luck that veggies and fruits can be fed by spoon. Hopefully someone can help.....


jess - February 26

OMG lynnstress that uis too funny!! my ds is the same!! he calls any food he likes nanana's, and no runs up to me..without seeing the nana's and says mama nana's momomom nananana....over and over!!! he lovs those nana's, yogurt, squash, bread and baby cookies..the rest is a battle!!


ConnorsMommy - February 26

consider yourself lucky with even THAT variety... lately, my ds (almost 14mos.) will only eat scrambled eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich.. THAT'S IT! =(


luviduvi - February 26

My 2 yod won't eat a thing either. She does however continue to gain weight, slowly but surely. My ped said as long as she is getting a multi vit. then they should be okeedokee and that most children go through this.



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