14 Months Old

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meagan1227 - February 25

my son is turning 14 months the 27th. i think it is just my son who acts like this but i'm not sure. when we go to a store and he sits in the cart or his stroller he can't stand it, he will cry and scream to get out. so of course when he gets out he is just messing with things on the shelves. i tell him no and pick him up to keep moving along and he just screams his head off. i have tried to keep him occupied in the cart of stroller but he just throws it. does any of your babies act like this? what did you did to try and stop it? i hope its just a phase


BaileysMummy - February 25

My son is 14 months old and has also been showing some of this behaviour. He is not walking yet, but after a while in the trolley or his pram he's decided he has had enough. I will take him out and let him walk holding my hand, but the second he is put back into the pram, he'll scream. I wouldn't worry, I know heaps of babies who act the same way around this age, they'll grow out of it. I think my ds is just starting to push his independence. I try not to give into him by letting him hop out of his pram or trolley just because he cries. I want him to learn that naughty behaviour is not rewarded


ConnorsMommy - February 25

my ds is almost 14mos. too. He also hates to be in his stroller or a cart for too long (I can usually get him to stay happy and in his stroller or a cart for 20mins.). But when he does get out-of-hand, I let him out.. and if he starts to mess with things on the shelves, I don't pick him up. I simply get down to his level, grab his hands and tell him "no, we don't need these.. we should put them back. This is not a place to play." If he does it again, I do the same thing except say, "if you do that again, you're going back in your stroller." He knows how to listen and follow directions pretty well now, so this works for us. I know it's a phase, but I don't know how long it lasts.. cuz I remember going to the store when I was younger and asking "mom, can i have these??".. lol


meagan1227 - February 26

he also acts like he does not know what the word no means, i know he does because he listens at home, but when we go out he ignores me, i guess he is just being excited on going out



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