14 Signs You Have To Get Out Of The House

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 25

Ok, so I am sure that most of you get your monthly issue of babytalk magazine but for those of you that don't this is one of their "Laugh it Off" pages today... 1. You find yourself cooing at the mailman. 2. Even though you named your baby ages ago, you still read name books for their entertainment value. 3. You have developed the uncanny ability to pinpoint any infant age within 3 days. 4. Every item of clothing in your wardrobe is stretchy, dated, too big, or WAY too small. 5. You have a favorite Boohbah. 6. You are miles from home before you realize your blouse is unbuttoned. 7. The most exotic thing you have tasted recently is soy formula. 8. Your life is full of passionate kisses, warm embraces, and ecstatic declarations of love- with someone whose age is measured in months. 9. You have memorized the 3a.m. television lineup, but couldn't name a single news event since Bush (Bush, right?!) wone the last presidential election. 10. You emailed nine friends with the thrilling news that you found a foolproof method of getting milk stains out of T-shirts. 11. You now have 2,674 photographs of the baby- and not a single one of anybody or anything else. 12. Getting dolled up for a special occasion means wearing shoes and brushing your hair. 13. You are still looking for a sitter you can trust- and you have nixed your best friend, your mother, and your husband. 14. The most dramatic moment of your day involves a bowel movement. Ok, I hope these make you laugh as much as they made me. I was cracking up reading them and thinking OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO GET OUT!!! I still read the name books, I can tell how old almost any baby is, None of my clothes fit right, etc. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful night of sleep (or at least a couple of hours) and a great day tomorrow!!!


BB - July 29

Oh my gosh, I need to get out of the house!!!!!!!!


#15 - July 29

If you have nothing better to do than post your parenting pet peeves.



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