15wks What Is Going On W Him

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wailing - October 5

For anyone who's LO's are close to this age, I'm wondering if u are experiencing the same sleeping probs as me. If so, what did u do? Please give me some hope. Ds started sleeping 10hrs (8-6) at 11wks. Now at 15wks he's decided to start waking up every 3 hrs again. He hates staying asleep. I thought it was a growth spurt at first but it's been a full week now and it's not getting better. He just refuses to stay asleep anymore. Please tell me it's just a phase. I'm exhausted and getting so frusturated at nite!!! Weird thing is that he naps great during the day.


lin7604 - October 5

i would think just a phase, did you see if he is teething? my ds wakes alot when he's teething. Or have you kept track of how much he's eating in 24hrs, he really could be hungry too. My ds was like that, if he didn't get enough during the day he would wake at ngiht to eat, he was a very hungry boy! It also could of been a growth spurt at first and then teeth after, that happens to me a lot. I think it's one and then a tooth starts to poke out and it carrys on for weeks.


mlm056 - October 6

My ds was born June 28th -- and this week has been hell on wheels -- exactly what you said, he was sleeping beautifully until this week...now he is up every 2-3 hours through the night (UGH!) -- I took him to ped. b/c he was pulling on his right ear... turns out he is TEETHING! Ped said the teething will cause the ear pulling as well as the up every 2-3 hours at night due to pain... poor little guy. He is still too young for any of the teething gels -- I was told to wait until 4 mths +. This morning dh and I saw the start of the tooth breaking through -- let the fun begin! We are exhausted!! GL!


squished - October 6

Our ds is 15 weeks too and has been doing the exact same thing!! He's up a lot at night and is rubbing his face/cheeks a lot and has started to drool a lot, but we can't see any teeth nubs yet, so I don't know if he's teething or not. I wrote an earlier post about the crazy, non-sleeping 15 week old. I am so tired too and I hope that it'll pa__s soon! GL and it's good to know that our lo isn't the only goofy one :)


DB - October 6

wailing this very thing happened to us at 16 weeks. My dd did the exact same thing. What ended up working for us was making sure she had good naps, an earlier bedtime, at at 5 months old we did do CIO. I know cio is not for everyone, but it did work for us. Our pediatrician told us that at 4 months they "wake up" and realize you're not there when they wake up at night, so they cry for you. Basically once we allowed my dd to cio and self-soothe, she started sleeping great again. Again, CIO is not for everyone but it did work for us.


DB - October 6

Oh, and about the teething thing-that is possible, but my dd did not get a tooth until 6.5 months and she had other signs-not wanting her solids, always wanting to be held (during the day too) etc...but again, it is possible.


britt_m - October 8

My dd is 16 weeks and was going thru this. She slept great 7/8pm to 6am. Ped said she is teething. I started her on rice cereal a couple nites ago and that worked amazing. She was showing signs and I wanted to wait til 6 months or longer. But I was exhausted and read it can help some sleep cuz they feel fuller. She is b___stfed and eats plenty and I haven't dropped a nursing session. She absolutely loves it, gets so excited she starts giggling and sqealing, lol. I feed her at about 6:30 and put her down after 7pm. She has slept for 8 hours and got up to eat and went back down. I hope I don't get bashed for this, it was the right decision for us.


gurinsa - October 8

My daughter was born June 27th and was waking up at 4am and then going down until 7. A couple of weeks ago, she started waking up twice a night, 12:30 and 4..so I totally know what you guys mean - we thought we were so lucky that she was basically sleeping through the night but it seems like she has reverted. FYI..she is TOTALLY drooling a lot and now that you all mention it, she is itching her face too.


alida - October 8

If you think it could be teething you could give him a little Tylenol before bed to ease his pain...he may sleep all night again for you. Or when he wakes give him a small dose so he can sleep. Just a thought...it did work for my dd. GL


wailing - October 12

Thx for all the responses:-) I did tons of research and read that it is most likely due to a developmental spurt. Their brains get super wired making it hard for them to sleep and stay asleep. (makes sense since this is the same time ds started rolling over, playing w/ his feet and toes) He is much better this week and is getting back to a semi-normal schedule. But, he still gets fussy at random times and drools so much I've started using bibs as his shirts are getting soaked. So, I guess the teething is beginning as well!!! Keeps us all on our toes...


lily10 - October 13

This is so funny that everyone seems to be dealing with the same thing. My DD who is also 15 weeks has been awake every 2-3 hours and she is super restless. At 11 weeks she started to sleep through the night and I thought I had gotten lucky with a good sleeper... Oh and my daughter is also drooling like crazy.



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