16 Month Old And Formula

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Trac - February 18

This is kind of a weird question but I am very curious if any of you with babies over a year are still using formula? I br___tfed until my ds was 13 months, then switched to soy formula (isomil 2) because we thought my son has a slight milk allergy. He tends to get very congested when he drinks regular milk or eats a lot of cheese. At one point he would drink regular soy milk, but now he just prefers the formula. It's the Isomil 2 which says for babies 9 to 24 months. I don't mind feeding it to him, the dr says its ok, but to me, it just seems like tons of extra calories and also it would save us a lot of money to change to regular soy milk. He only drinks one or two bottles per day, usually just one. Any suggestions???


Trac - February 18



Rabbits07 - February 18

I currently use Enfamil Lipil Formula with Mason and will use the Next Step once he turns a year old. Mainly because I just read some literature about babies iron and calcium needs after they turn a year old. They require 10 mg of iron per day at 1 year, but whole milk only contains .07 mg per 8 oz. serving. Of course, it is expected that they are eating other solid foods as well to help them meet their iron requirements. But a lot of times babies tend to be picky eaters, especially once they begin self feeding and they no longer want the high iron baby cereals and stuff. Plus, Mason is on a high cal diet, so i just feel better about him getting the extra calories and stuff. Maybe you could try mixing the soy formula and regular soy milk and gradually change him over. Mix it 3/4 formula:1/4 soy milk for a few days and then 1/2:1/2 for a few and then 1/4 formula:3/4 soy milk for a few more then all soy milk. That will help him adjust gradually.


Erin1979 - February 18

remember that at 16 months they are getting a lot of their nutrition from solid food. I would just switch. He may resist for a few days, but once he realizes that he won't be getting the formula, he'll give in a drink the soy milk. Just my opinion.



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