18 Months Apart

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HEATHER - February 1

hi, I am due in a month and my little ones will be 18 months apart, anyone else in the same situtation, or have 2 in this age range? got any tips for me? Im excited but nervous that my dd will feel pushed away with all the need the baby will have to have, especially since im planning to nurse./


sahmof3 - February 1

My youngest two are 17 months apart. It was a little rough right at first while my dd learned that she couldn't be on my lap whenever she wanted and I couldn't always meet her demands right away, but by about a month later it was much easier for me. When I brought Justin home I had a new doll baby for Leah. She would sit up next to me and "nurse" her baby, too. I would also read books to her while I was nursing so that she was occupied and getting some attention (this was made a bit easier for me because I also had a 5yo to turn the pages for me LOL). My dd came to have a very independent personality, so eventually she would just get down off of the sofa and find something else to do while I nursed. I tried (well still do) to have a little bit of one on one time with each of them every day so they can have me alone for awhile. Now my kids are 6 1/2, 3 and 18 months and it is sooo much easier and they are getting to be really fun little people.


bradylove - February 1

Mine are 20 months apart and I think the decision to have them that close was the best. your first is old enough that they don't always have to be carried around, but they are still too young to understand what it means for them to have a new baby in the house. When I nursed I would always have a basket of toys handy so that my toddler could sit next to me on the couch/bed and play and still feel close to me even though I had the baby in my arms. It worked great! He was sometimes intrigued by what the baby was doing...one day he looked at me and said "is Brady eating b___boo??" It was soooo cute! I'm not sure where he got b___boo, but it was funny! DS and I are currently ttc #3. If it works this month, they will be 17 months apart. I'm in the 2ww!!!


krnj - February 1

Hi I'm in the same situation. I will have 2 18 months apart also. I'm not due until July though. Sorry I have no advice, just wishing you the best!


Jmom - February 1

I am due in May and mine will be 14 months apart. We moved to NC and it seems to be a trend around here. lots of my friends are now on their 2nd about 14-18 months apart...


Erin1979 - February 1

It depends on who you talk to, but my SIL has twins, and a singleton who are 12 months apart (53 weeks to be exact). She loved it. She said the kids were all going through similiar stages, no need to store anything...she said it could be tough, but if she had to do it again,she would. Good luck!


k.p.j.e. - February 2

Mine will be 17 months apart, I have the exact same fear you do...I don't want my son to feel like I am less of his mommy...I know it's silly but I feel guilty to be taking time away from him to give to my daughter! Event hough I love her already just as much. Just rememebr however scary it seems, there are many drawbacks to waiting three or four years to have another child, as well. I think this is a good way to do it, even if it wasn't planned (mine wasn't :):)


dedaa - February 2

I know how you feel. Im suppose to be induced today and it will leave my youngest right now almost exactly 15 months older. He still needs so much attention and the worst part about it is not only is he not going to have my full attention but not his fathers either. Dh is leaving to go on a course for a month. Right now im staying with my parents for the help while he is away and hopefully they can give him that extra attention that he needs. I think though he should be fine it might be hard the first couple of months but I think once baby is on a schedule it will be alot better.I think you should be fine adjusting to the two of them. Good Luck!


alkaren - February 2

Hi there Heather, Well you know more or less what i have been going through these pa__s couple of months with my boys who are 15 months apart. Tips I have would be to remember to have one on one time with DD and to always give her your attention. Whenever I am BF I always let my oldest know how much I love him and I sign and read to them both. I also talk to him about the baby and what a wonderful big brother he is. I ask him to get stuff for me and I ask him to trow away diapers etc. Both of us try to do alone time with our oldest and then to family time. I also try to remember that he is still a baby, this becames hard at times espically having a younger child. Last but not least try to keep your sanity :)


in the woods - February 2

Mine are 19 months apart. The early months for us were not a problem at all - the baby slept a lot, the older one had all her same toys/shows. She was still a baby at 19 mo, I think the "jealosy" thing comes with the older child territory. The trying times come when the older one hits her terrible twos - then you'd need all hands you got to contain a toddler tantrum, yet you are holding a baby :-) Good thing the terrible twos come to a miraculous end at three. Woohoo! Now... at 2 and 3.5, there is a lot of "arguments' about toys. Nothing one can do about it, that's the way things are. A woman told me, her 19, 20 and 21 year olds still squabble when they come home for Xmas. LOL Yet my kids have incredible closeness and friendship, it's amazing to have kids close in age.



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