1 Week From Tomorrow Ot Update

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jas - February 23

1 more week and I see my dh again!!!! We meet at the airport and then get on a plane and FINALLY go to England!!!!! There is an end in sight for this lousy move!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!


kellens mom - February 23

It is good to hear/see you with such enthusiasm! Will he have the house all set up? Or will you get to an empty place? I realize that the excitement is in seeing him. I am just curious what other adventures you have in store for you when you arrive. Our kitchen and bath remodel is officially complete...except putting stuff back where it belongs. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I bet he is just as excited to see you both!


Lisastar9 - February 23

Have a sweet reunion,hope the week goes fast for you.


jas - February 23

I wish he would have the house set up... Hell, I wish we had a house :) He has been in Nebraska for training for the past month and a 1/2 while me and the boys bum off of family... Mainly his parents so I can't join in on the mil vents :) Now show me a mother vent and I am there as my mom is a total nutcase. Anyway - we are going to England together and going into the total unknown. Won't know if there will be a house on base available or if there is a wait - if there is a wait, how long, will we have to look for a house off base, blah, blah, blah... I hate that part of the move most of all. The unknown about where we are going. Where we will call home for however many more years. We got lucky when we moved to Japan as there was a house available within a few weeks of us getting there. My fingers are crossed that it will be the same there. Well - we'll find out a week from Monday... wow. I love family, but I am ready to hit the road and have my stuff. Especially Jadon's crib!!!!! If anyone uses a pack n play for a vacation - my advice is to get extra padding. He sleeps so much better now.



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