1 Week Old Pooping

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Angie - November 21

My daughter is 1 week old today. She didn't have a poopy diaper in almost 48 hrs. The dr said this was fine, but she just had a hard yellowy poop which I know hurt her coming out. How can a one week old have a hard poop? Should I be worried and call the dr in the am?


jill - November 21

Yes newborns shouldnt have hard formed poop, it is a sign of constipation, I would def. notify your doc.


Jbear - November 22

My doc said Enfamil Lipil could cause constipation and that I could give my baby up to 2 ounces of water in a 24 hour period if she became constipated. You should still check with your doctor, though.


Heidi - November 22

Yep that's not normal. My 6 wk old has loose stool still and someone I know had a problem with their newborn being constipated and they were giving him Enfamil Lipil with Iron. I think they had to switch.


brenda - November 22

well i have a two month old and i get worried when she doesn't poop for more than one day. but if you are bresstfeeding then you should really talk to your doc. if you are feeding formula with iron the iron is what makes your babies poop hard. make sure that if you are using formula you are mixing it properly. my friend was packing the scoop when she would mix her formula and it was too much for the baby, the doc told her that she should just level the scoop without packing it. if you are b___stfeeding, the poop shouldnt be harder than paste, but it could be watery.


Sonya - November 22

When my son was a week old he had the same problem. I called the Dr. and was told it is not considered constipation until 72 hours has pa__sed with no bowel movement. My son has never gone quite that long, but he always ends up going. My Dr. office suggested a warm bath with baking soda. Don't know why, but they say it works great. I haven't tried it.


Jane - November 23

My dr told me to use 1 tsp dark kero syrup in 2 oz of either pumped b___stmilk or formula.



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