1 Year Check Up

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Brittany - September 23

My son had a 1 year check-up and his pediatrician said he should be sleeping through the night (he still wakes up once to be fed). She also said that I shouldn't be feeding him formula anymore. He was 6 weeks premature and his weight and height are 20.14 pounds, 30 inches so hes not considered a preemie anymore. My question is: Do any of your 1 year olds still wake up at night to be fed? Also, should I stop giving him formula (or just decrease it gradually at night)? I feed him baby food all throughout the day but I get worried that hes not getting enough vitamins and calories from it. The pediatrician said to decrease the amount of formula I give him at night, I tried it and he wakes up earlier in the morning now...I'm thinking it's because hes not getting enough at night. I'm usually the type of mother to do my own thing and not listen to EVERYTHING my doctor says but I just need advice from the everyday mothers! What would you do?


momma - September 23

you could give him a 2nd step formula it is closer to real milk than regular formula and when he is used to that you can alternate 2nd step and the milk that you prefer that way there will be a gradual adjustment, all babyies are different my 5 month old sleeps 11 -12 hours through the night but my cousins 1 year old gets up once a night. (thats how she switched him to milk)


bump - September 23



N - September 23

I would definately start switching to homo milk. If your really concerned that he's not eating enough, the 2nd step formula as momma suggested, or pediasure 1/2 and 1/2 with milk might be a good solution. Personally, i found when my son was teething he always woke up in the night for formula/milk around that age. Or maybe moving his dinner time closer to bed time, or even adding a bedtime snack will help him get through the night. I don't really think there is anything wrong with him waking in the night, there's no set age that they 'should' be sleeping through the night, but if your getting tired of it, he's old enough to 'train' now.


sheila - October 10

My baby girl wakes up in the night she is about 14 months old my doctor says she will go through this. She is no longer on the bottle but sometimes i get her a gla__s of water or a snack. I and her doctor think it is growth and teething and just all the changes she goes through in general. don't be worried. She also only eats what we as a family eat no more baby food, however we have started eating healthier as a whole.


Tia - October 12

I haven't been taking my baby to the doctor for all the "scheduled" times. I have only gone once just for a check up around 9 months. What happens at the yr mark, or what reasons other than vaccinations is there to go to this 1yr check up?


bump - October 13

bumpity bump



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