1 Year Old Mile Stones Worried

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stephenmom - June 30

Ok my son only has two teeth and he turned one on the 15 of june. He also doesn't walk but is almost there so that isn't really bugging me. He says about 4 words with MEANING, he babels and what not but its nothing consistent? So is he about average? Thanks


socalmom - June 30

He sounds average/normal to me, the talking sounds right, some babies don't walk till 13 or so months and late teething is hereditary nothing you can do about that except wait...they will come. I wouldn't be to worried all sounds fine.....good luck!


mlm056 - June 30

hey there! My son turn 1 on June 28th. He has 8 teeth but doesn't walk. My ped told me no walking until 18mths is in the acceptable range. Re; talking, my son says a few words, dada, baba, etc.. but mostly babbling.... again, all normal.. again 18mths is a milestone for talking.. I think 4 words with meaning is great. My son does a ton of mimicking. The one area to keep an eye out for at this age is 'eye contact' and 'smiling', pointing to things that he wants. I am all over the milestones as my younger brother is autistic. Hope this helps.. my 2 cents is that your son sounds right on!


mjvdec01 - June 30

At 13 and a half months our daughter had 6 teeth, said only one word, "duck", and was just beginning to do what resembled walking. I never worried. I guess I a__sumed that she was fine and going at her own pace. Now she is 28 and a half months old, never sits still, and talks up a storm. She is already speaking 7 and 8 word sentences, knows the alphabet and can recognize the letters, can write the letters "Y" and "C", she can count to 20, and to 6 in spanish (thanks to dora), and she recognizes what numbers are what. So, you see, your son seems to be ahead of what my daughter was at the same age. I am sure he will turn out to be a GENIUS!


HeavenisMine - July 1

Yours sounds good and average. I knew a little one who didn't walk until 15 months, it's amazing how they all grow at their own rate. my daughter is seven months old and has four teeth growing in at the moment, but she does not sit by herself, or scoot. So each has their own thing going on.


Crystal83 - July 1

Sounds right on track to me. After my oldest 2 turned 1 year, it seemed like everything with their development just fell into place and I didn't really have to worry like I did during the first year. the milestones become farther apart and bigger to accomplish. You're doing a great job!


DDT - July 2

Sounds normal to me. My ds only had 4 teeth at 12 months, started walking at 14 months, and said about 4-5 words with meaning. Once he started walking his vocab picked up quickly. He is now 16 months old and has 7 teeth, walks/runs like a pro and says 10-12 words and combines some words together eg. "More cheese"



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