1 Year Olds Dont Need Cows Milk

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jenna32 - November 28

if you are br___tfeeding still ( and i am) i just read at one year old,you don't have to give her the cows milk,is that true?? has anyone actually not given their lo cows milk at 1? i thought you had to. i read it on kellymom. just curious. i think even if i don't have to i will be giving her a glass or so a day atleast ( it'll probably help her sleep better anyway at this point i'm willing to try anything!).I have giving her all REAL solid foods lately ( not the babyfoods i mean) and she is sleeping so well this week so far.


Malica - November 28

If she's still getting b___stmilk (and often enough), then no, I don't think you need to supplement with cows milk as well. But if your BF'ing less these days then it would be wise to replace with milk.


krc - December 3

I nursed my son until his 2nd birthday. But by that time it was mostly comfort nursing at bedtime only. I have never given him cow's milk. Nor do I drink it. After doing my own personal research, it is my opinion that people are better off without milk. There are many other sources of calcium found in fruits and veggies. Plus, I don't know why calcium gets all the attention when all of the vitamins and minerals are of equal importance. Anyways, back to my son....healthwise, he's healthy as a horse. Has a nice lean body weight and glowing skin, no runny nose anddoesn't get sick. Maybe he's just lucky...but I like to tell myself it's because he doesn't get milk. ( I know alot of moms out there disagree with me wholeheartedly...this is just my opinion and whatever works for others is good for them!)


jenna32 - December 3

hmm,thanks for the replys!! You could be right krc,but i would be soo nervous about them getting enough calcium still. It's kind of like being a vegetarian to me, i'd love to do it but am nervous about not getting enough! i love soy milk, i think we will switch back and fourth. Maybe i will stick with the once a day thing though, it would be nice to cut back a little bit on the nursing sessions. I do LOVE it,but it could be nice to finally have more time and cut back. How often malica would you say often enough is for feeding? dd still nurses quite a bit during the day, a lot of it is for sleep or comfort though.


Jenn - December 12

Doctors recc. whole cows milk at 12 months for the vit. D that helps with brain development. I would take to your doctor to see what they reccommend for you and your baby.


jenna32 - December 13

is cows milk 3 x a day required for the brain development? or is less ok? i think i better go visit the doctor soon now. another strange thing,,dd has never once really had the flu but for about a week now she has had a cold and in the last few days got a fever. i wonder if it's because she's not getting as much of the antibodies in b___stmilk.



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