1 Yr Old Won T Stop Biting Me

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ds1970 - February 24

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My ds will be 13 months old in a few days. For at least a month now all he wants to do is crawl up into my lap, stand up, and start biting me in the face. He does it CONSTANTLY!! He just lunges at me and bites really hard wherever he can get me. If he can't reach my face, he will bite my neck, chest, arm, whatever. I thought initially he was trying to give kisses and just didn't understand how, but now I am wondering if it is something else. He only does it to me, not my husband. I am in the process of weaning him from br___tfeeding, and are now down to just a 4:30 am feeding, so I was thinking it may be a reaction to that (he is also a bit more clingy than usual, wanting to be carried around a lot.) I have tried saying "No, that hurts Mommy!!" in a very stern voice, I have tried "No biting!!", I have even tried pretending to cry when he does it in hopes that it might register that he did something to hurt me. I feel really guilty because this morning he just would not stop, it was 5am, I had a headache, and I was just NOT in the mood to be bitten in the face, so I yelled at him. Not badly, but I definitely raised my voice more than usual. He just looked at me for a second, totally unfazed, and continued to try to bite me! Little monster! Does anyone have any experience with this or have any idea why he might be doing this???


ash2 - February 24

I think he could be teething . When infants are getting teeth in they usually bite a toy or teething ring when something is given to them. When they are old enough to climb and pull themselves up onto something, then they get a hold of something that they can.....which more than likely is flesh !


melissa g. - February 24

My MIL said that babies that age do that, their mouths are just full of sensation, and they dont know what they are doing -- my dd has done it to me a couple times and I yelped, I was so surprised!


julie316 - February 25

My son is 11 1/2 months and will also bite me .. He bites me in anger and that really upsets me.. He will mostly bite my hands and make me bleed.. When I yelp in pain, he will not let go.. He has also bit me when I was b/f him and he would cut me.. It takes over 3 weeks to heal... OUCH... I now have to put him in the crib or tap him on the mouth gently and tell him NO BITE>... he still will but it is getting better. good luck


eclipse - February 25

bite him back. Not hard, but that should help him understand. My brother used to do that to my mom, until the day she bit him back and he never did it again. I'm sure I will get in trouble for this, but he obviously doesn't understand why you are upset, so show him.


waiting100 - February 25

My ds is almost 11 months old - he is a biter too. He bites my husband also and my mom. It HURTS!!! I talked to his dr. about it and he said that sometimes babies go thru a biting stage, some do not. My ds is teething, could have someting to do with it. Sometimes he bites all of the time and sometimes he can go all day without biting anyone - so could be the teething thing. I asked my dr. how to handle it, ie., how to discipline a 10 month old. He said when baby is biting, do NOT react - dont say ouch really loud, or act like it is a huge deal - he said baby likes getting a reaction out of you so then it becomes a game. He said that when baby bites to say no biting, dont yell it just say no biting, sit him on the floor and leave the room and baby for a minute or so. He said that the baby will not like being left alone like that because baby thinks he was playing by biting - so if you just say no biting, remove his teeth from you and walk away from him - It may help curb the biting - It seems like it is working for me, he is biting me less - good luck.


ds1970 - February 25

Thanks for all the responses! I know he is definitely teething, but I am thinking that if it were just that, he would also be biting my husband, not just me. I am just really hoping that it is not a result of stopping BF. He doesn't seem to try to be specifically going after that, i.e. pulling my shirt up or some of the stuff that I have heard of other babies doing, but I am worried that it is an emotional thing related to that. It's just getting harder to remain calm about it because he does it ALL THE TIME and IT HURTS LIKE HELL!! I want to be able to give him extra hugs and affection because of the weaning, but he is making it hard by biting me whenever he is in close enough proximity. I will try just putting him down and leaving the room next time and see if that helps. Thanks again!!


DownbutnotOUT - February 25

My 2nd son was a biter he would bite me, my dh, my MIL, and his older brother when he was angry we tried everything and nothing worked. One day he bite his brother so bad he drew blood I turned to the monster biter and I said "Mommy is going to bite you back". I put my teeth gentle against his skin and added a little pessure, not near enough pressure to leave teeth marks but enough for him to feel it, from that day his biting wen tdown by about 95% he didnt like the feel of it. A few weeks later he stopped biting at all.



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