1st Birthday Just Around Corner

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r1209 - September 4

I can't believe that my little guy is turning 1 in less than 4 weeks. This year went by so fast! Now starts the birthday planning. Does anybody have any advice? I was thinking about where to have it. I live in south Florida so you never know on the weather, and right now it's averaging in the 90's during the day. So I'm not so sure I want an outdoor party. I'm thinking he's still a little young for Chuck E Cheese's. Anyways, I'm running low on time and I want his party to be unique! Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated!


GloriaD - September 8

I just had my baby's 1st birthday party today and now I'm sad! It went so fast... Anyway, parties are fun but at this age its more for the parents than the kids. All the baby really wants is the faces that he knows to be around. My oldest child's 1st birthday was a huge party at my in-laws house and it turned out awful for him! There were so many people and it was so loud that he melted. Also, some of the bigger kids wanted to be the ones to do everything for him so he just sat back and watched them all play with his toys. For my second and now my third kids' 1st birthday's we just did a low key party with our family/close friends (which was still 30 people) at our house and it turned out so much better! Just make sure to do something that all of you will enjoy and schedule it before or after his nap so he's in the best mood. I definitely wouldn't go to Chuck E Cheese's yet, save that for another year! I hope you have a great party and sorry I wasn't much help on the theme!


Malica - September 8

I second Gloria's advice -- Unless you know your LO enjoys being in crowds and being the centre of attention (my DD loves being at the mall or where ever there are crowds, but if everyone's paying attention to her she gets overwhelmed very easily). I'm having a hard time keeping our list of invites as small as I had hoped, but being at home in familiar surroundings should go a long way to helping her not be overwhelmed.



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