1st Birthday Present Ideas

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Topaz - February 4

My dd turns 1 year old this Saturday. I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what to get her for her 1st birthday. Any suggestions? Oh, and any ideas about cakes too?


jillianT - February 4

we got my son a cedar chest for his first birthday. he's 8 now and he keeps some of the things i saved from when he was a baby, his baby book, etc. he also has a few shoeboxes full of things that he has just HAD to hang onto through the years. it is my favorite gift that we've ever gotten him because he'll be able to keep it and pa__s it down to his kids. we'll be getting our daughter her own for her first birthday too.


SonyaM - February 4

Jillian I love that idea!!!! My son loves his Fisher Price easel, his little tykes shape sorter tool box, little piggy bank coin thingy and the parents magazine cubes that hide shapes inside. Hope that helps.


cae - February 4

Ethan got so many presents for his first B0day last week. His 3 favorites are the following: 1)The Laugh and Learning home(which was recommend by many here), 2)The baby gymnastic zebra bounce and spin, and 3)A ride along toy, I think its called something like haul and ride. Those are his 3 favorites and worth the buy. I would also recommend the learning table which Ethan has been using for months now.


BaileysMummy - February 5

You're very patient....my son turned 1 in december, I started buying his pressies around June. I had to account for x-mas as well, but I think I went a little overboard! :) I agree with cae on the bounce and spin zebra and a ride along toy. Also megablocks, a ballpit, learn to walk pooh. My ds loves trucks and b___s. There are so many great fisher price toys out there. I got my son a sponge cake decorated with thomas the tank engine. I think having a little smash cake for them is a great idea. Have a great day!!! I'm sure she'll have fun whatever you do


jennyr - February 5

My dd just turned 1 in Dec and she got the baby grand panio and loves it. She loves to dance and she loves music so it worked out well. She also loves dolls. My mom got her one geared for her age and she loves it. I would not have gotten her a doll because I thought she was too young for it but she loves hugging and kissing her. She carries her everywhere!



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