1st Solids And Sippy Cups

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wailing - November 3

Do u always start w/ rice cereal or can u try oatmeal first? I've heard the rice constipates them but, the oatmeal won't as bad? And as far as Sippy Cups go, when did u start, what did u put in it, and what was the best kind u used?


JerseyGirl - November 3

My ped. told us to start with rice cereal; apparently oatmeal is much heavier and baby's systems can't handle that as their first solid. I started my DS on rice cereal on 10/31 and he eats about 1.5 teaspoons of it (mixed with his formula). After he does well with the rice, I can give him applesauce, then bananas, then pears, then oatmeal. Not sure about sippy cups though! My 11-month-old nephew only uses one for water.


wailing - November 4

How old is ur lo? Did u do it after or before the bottle?


Gretta - November 4

Wailing - I gave my dd a siooy starting at 6 months with water or diluted juice at 6 months with each solid feeding - she is 8 months now. She loves to chew on the spout and kicks her feet with excitement when she sees it. She hasn't really figured out how to drink everything out of there but she is grabbing it on her own now ect and I am hoping to wean her from bf'ing to the sippy once she actually sucks on it enough. We use the Nuby soft spouts and now I use a gerber starter sippy too but I take the valve out so she can get some liquid.


JerseyGirl - November 4

My son will be 5 months on the 13th and I always give the solid food before the bottle... b/c he may not be hungry enough after the bottle.


c_baer19 - November 4

I was told to start with rice, and then move to oatmeal after you're sure baby can handle it. I read that you can and should start using a sippy cup after 6 months, so they learn to drink from other things and won't be dependent on the bottle for as long. (Just read this last week in Parents magazine, actually!)


excited2bemama - November 4

Hey WAILING- I haven't started this yet with Keira- (i have only given her banana and apple so far (one time for each) I plan on doing oatmeal first. If you start solids at 5 months or later I thinkits fine to do oatmeal. Rice cereal is disgusting.. I dont know if you have ever tried it.. its gross. I just bought some of the real cheap sippys at target ( they have dual handles for easy holding but aren't spill proff. I read some where that you can start of givng them a sippy to play with and then teach them how to use it. ( i haven't used them et either.. still trying to hold off till 6 months.. bust sometimes Keira gets mad if we don't give her a little taste of something - she loves to drink water out of my cup too.


c_baer19 - November 4

excited2bemama - I read in that same article that it's actually good to start out with the valveless ones (even though they'll spill more) because they have to suck pretty hard to get any liquid out if it has the valve on!


britt_m - November 4

I started solids early a week after she turned 4 months. We did rice cereal first. The first time I made it watery and it just came back out so I made it a little thicker and a little thicker, now its still soft but not watery and she has no problems with it. She hasn't been constipated. I tried her on bananas but they didn't agree with her she was fussy and ga__sy and she wasn't digesting the fibers (looked like little black strings in her poop). Shes had carrots, potatoes, bananas and as of today apples. So far so good, I picked up some more bananas and may try them again in a few days. As for the sippy I gave it to her about a week after starting her with rice. It's the playtex one with the two handles and it does have a valve. She's bf so is used to having to suck to get milk, she really doesn't have to suck that hard for water to come out. She drinks just water in them, not much, less than an ounce total, but loves to chew and play with it. As for b___stfeeding, we haven''t dropped any feedings and she is still nursing the same.


DDT - November 5

No you can start with oatmeal...I moved to oatmeal fairly quickly after my ds didn't seem to approve of rice much. As someone else has said...it is very bland tasting. I started the sippy cup at about 6.5 months I believe. I tried the Avent and he didn't like the shape of the spout...what works for him it the First Years cups and the Nuby cups (his fav). I put water in it from the start and he loves it so I have never had to resort to juice. But if your lo doesn't like water you can try adding 1oz juice to 4oz water to add some flavour. Good juice choices would be prune or apple. GL!


DDT - November 5

* sorry not prune but pear


wailing - November 6

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm just going to get the sippy cups for him to play w/ and get used to for now. I'm trying to hold off on solids but he seems SOOO interested. I think I'm going to go ahead and start as soon as he turns 5 months. Wish us luck:-)



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