1st Time Baby Left With Babysitter

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TC - November 27

Allright, I know that this is not a infant care topic but I have to share. Me and my dh went out tonight without the baby for the FIRST time!!!!!!! My birthday is on Monday so my best friend (his godmother) came from Phildelphia just to watch him for the evening. I almost feel like a normal adult again. It has been me and the baby everyday all day, and even though I love him with all my heart, it felt good to be out and about. Now granted, I cried when we turned that corner and I could no longer see my house but I was strong and I did not turn back. We went to see a movie, "Derailed" with Jennifer Anniston, and went to eat afterwards. I am soooooo happy right now I am walking on cloud nine. Thanx for listening to my blah blah!!!!!


Jamie - November 27

Yay! I remember my first time leaving the baby...dh and I sat in the car outside the babysitter's house for about 10 minutes, just listening to the silence...it was wonderful!


lisa - November 27

that is an infant care issue.no worries, my baby girl is only 3 half weeks, im going to have to think if i want to go back to work part time about leaving her, it terrifys me but i dont want to loose the right to return to my job,


Mommy - November 27

You are soooo lucky lol. I have not been anywhere, ANYWHERE, for over a year. My husband is going to have the boys all night one day next week so I can go shopping and to a hotel (with an indoor pool) with my sister and my mom. I swear I deserve it lol. I haven't been able to do anything that wasn't baby friendy for the last say...18 months as of yesterday. Isn't it sad how before having kids it takes extravagant things to please us yet when we have kids all it takes is a simple night out? Well I'm happy for you. We moms need more time for ourselves!


ally - November 27

hey good for you, i was leaving my baby with my mum and friends from the start, with mum once a week and friends on the odd time, u have too cause u do need 'you' time, hey just a question we r behind with movies and derailed isnt out yet, it looked ok on the previews, what did u think of it? happy bday 4 monday.. i had to smile at jamies comment too.


sammy - November 27

I saw derailed, I thought it was awsome!!! a really really good thriller, I recomend it to you all for a night out ;-)


angela - November 27

i remember the first time i left ,my daughter, i had to go back to work she was 3 months, i felt so sad and i cried all the way to work. but now 4 months later i'm glad i did you really need to feel like an adult again...lol i didnt feel that way when i went out for the first time. she was with my mom so i felt pretty confident that she was going to be fine. :) happy b-day TC :)


FF - November 27

Good for you TC! We all need time with our partners w/out baby- and then family time is better 'cause you feel human again! :)


Christy - November 27

How old is your baby, TC? Sounds like you guys had a good time. Make sure you guys keep making time for "date night" because you deserve it and because it is good for all parties involved. My son is three weeks old and we are planning on going to a wedding reception for a short while next Saturday. He will stay with my mom and a bottle of expressed milk. (We started to practice the bottle yesterday- didn't go too badly. Makes me nervous though- I don't want him to prefer the bottle over me.) I hope it goes well- I am a little nervous about it! BTW- how was "Derailed?"


from ally - November 27

thanks sammy, i love thrillers, at first it looked like this lovey dovey movie on the previews then it seemed to get even better.. I will see it when it comes out here.


Lesley - November 27

Lisa, they can't sack you. You can sue them for unfair dismissal. Don't feel pressured into going back to work if you don't feel ready. The first year of your babies life is the most important. If you want to be there for that then be there, don't feel you have to go back to work just yet. I think most companies will pay maternity pay for 9 months.


Heidi - November 27

I've only been able to leave my 6 wk old with her grandma for 45 minutes but it felt good! I'm dreading going back to work. I'll probably bawl at my desk the first day and get nothing done!!!!


TC - November 27

Thank you all!! Derailed was great and the actors, IMO, did an excellent job. You never knew what was going to happen next while watching the movie. My Daniel is going to be 3mos this wk. BTW, I got emotional today while playing with him bc I thought he was mad at me for leaving me. I know I am OUT OF MY MIND!!! Lisa, what country do you live in and do you know the maternity leave rules?


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 28

That's exciting. When I was home just going to the grocery store myself was exciting! Our 3rd wedding anniversary was about two weeks ater Lucas was born and we went to eat! It was great. I went back to work when he was 6 weeks and bawled my eyes out for a few days, I still wish I could be home with him, but sometimes the break is nice!


TC - November 28

I know what you mean Rachael. After I gave birth I wanted to go the supermarket "all by myself". This is bc when I was in my last trimester I could not travel by myself. I don't think that we really value our "alone time" until we have a family.



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