1yr Check Up

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rl- - January 19

Hi ladies...I just took ds to his 1yr ckeck up and he is 23.4lbs and 31 inches long...pedi said that he was in the 95th% percentile with his height....so he is gonna be tall LOL his dad is 6' 5" so I figured that already!! He is doing great so I just wanted to brag a bit!! I was also wondering others that have taken their 1yr olds to their ckeck up's already how long are they and how much do they weigh?


Steph - January 19

Sounds like he's doing great!! He IS gonna be a tall one...especially with a 6.5 foot dad!!! He can be your basketball star and make you guys some money!! ;o)


ash2 - January 19

Well i took DS to his 6 month ceckup and he was 22 pounds ! Looks like i have a big one too !


rl- - January 19

yeah steph he is gonna be a tall one LOL and it would be nice if he did make us money lol!! But my dh never really played basketball if you can believe that he mostly played football and that is funny cause he was tall and slim I would not say skinny but def slim!! ..and ash2 your gonna have a big guy as well LOL!! as long as they are healthy that is what matters right!!


shelly - January 19

im fed up because in the uk thanks to new programming theyve cut the 6 and 12 month check ups.we just get the 6 week check and the next one is at 18 months which i think is crazy.


ConnorsMommy - January 19

my ds had his 1yr check up on the 17th, he weighs 23lbs 10oz. (75th%) and he's 29 and a 1/2inches tall (50th%).. He's always been a little porker, he was 8lbs. 12oz. at birth.. but he's never been past the 50th% for height.. my dh is 6'2'' and i'm 5'2''... so, I'm guessing he's found the happy median..


cae - January 19

Sounds pretty healthy rl. Ethan turns 1 on Jan 26, and I think his appointment is on the 29, so we will see. Last check up he was also 95% for height and weight.


jessb - January 19

So glad that he is doing well. My dd has her 12 month check up in a few weeks. Her dad is also 6' 5" and I think she is pretty tall. Im anxious to see how much she weighs and how many inches she is. How did your ds do with the shots? My little one hates them, she hates all the doctors too, she's not big on strangers touching her :o)


sahmof3 - January 20

rl- Justin (my youngest) was about the same. I can't remember if he was 23 or 24 lbs., but he was 31", too. I was surprised because my daughter was 31" at her TWO year check up lol. It will be interesting this week because Leah has her 3 yo check up and Justin has his 18 month. They are so close in height and weight right now... I've gotten, "Are they twins?" a few times!



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