25 Day Old Baby Dr Misdiagnose Her Help

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Skyfeather - May 13

The other night I noticed my daughters eye was a little red, I wasnt sure if it was just the lighting in the room or because she had been a little fussy. (she was born April 18th 2005) she's premature so she is suceptable to more problems. That morning she woke up with yellow discharge coming out of that eye and as it dried sealing the eye shut. That day she was very sleepy I made a appt with her Dr. (which was today-friday) her DR who she's only seen once before only looked down her throat and claimed it was Pink eye. Never even opened her eye up or anything. Yellow mucus discharge was sealing it shut at the time. I think that it is a clogged tear duct because the timing is right. Usually happens 2 to 3 weeks after birth when tears are starting to form. (correct me if Im wrong) I looked it up on the net and pink eye is not a yellow discharge its a watery discharge like thick tears. I am planning on taking her to another DR but offices are closed and I'll be lucky to find any on a saterday. Right before I got on here I recieved a call telling me that her DR was sued for malpractice and left the hospital changed his name then came back. Im very concerned that I just gave my daughter medicine she shouldnt have due to this Dr's negligence. Does anyone have any opinions or advice on what I should do? Should I continue the pink eye medication or treat her for a clogged tear duct and massage the inner part of her eye? Please help


Maleficent - May 13

i'd treat it as a clogged duct. are the whites of her eyes at all red? i would not stay with this doctor another second, he seems shady. if her eye is not red then use warm compresses and gentle ma__sage untill you can get a second opinion. if you're nursing a little b___stmilk has been known to clear up pink eye. sounds crazy but it worked great with my daughter.


Skyfeather - May 14

Her eyes are white the only thing there is any pink to is where you would apply eye liner (cant think of that parts actual name) Here eyes are just excreeting a yellow mucus. Im in the process of finding another DR for her. One not affilated with the hospital (The hospital near me has such a bad rap, Im glad I gave birth to her at another place.


KH - May 19

sounds like clogged duct - my friend's baby has it and the d/c is yellow.


Mindy - May 25

Yeah I agree it souns like a clogged duct. My nephew hd that. sounds just like what you are describing.


Jessica - May 28

Seeing how I am a new mother, Id be freaking out right now. If of course doctors offices are cosedon the weekends, take her to the hospital. stop the problem before it could get worse, especially if she is premature


newdaddy - June 16

For everyone else out there - I have a 3 month old daughter who has the same discharge in her eyes. We took her to the doctor and I found out that clogged tear ducts can cause pink eye. I looked this up online and it appears to be true. Apparently the discharge is also an irritant to the part of the eye where pinkeye forms and can cause pink eye as well. My understanding is that with some eye drops and rubbing the eye on the inside corner with a warm wet cloth it should clear up within 3-5 days.


P - June 17

I've also heard b___stmilk clears up pink eye.


Liz - June 17

My baby is now 2.5 mos old but when he was born he had some discharge to the inner part of his eye. His eye was never red or anything, sometimes teary. My doc eventually gave him an erythromycin ointment. I must have put it on a couple times and then I said forget it. It didn't seem to help but make it worse. I also thought it was a clogged tear duct-well to make a long story short it cleared up on its own and I never gave him the medication either!! these docs don't know everything-mom's know best :) (If your baby has reddness, a lot of discharge or anything else and the symptoms do not improve or get worse-go see another doc and have it checked out) Good luck!



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