27 Hours With No Pacifier

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Kara H. - March 8

We have officially entered Day 2 of paci withdrawal for my 7 month old, Max. Day 1 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I snuck into his room before he woke up and took the one out of his crib that he had went to sleep with. He didn' seem to notice it was gone when he woke up. We usually only feed him two solid meals a day, but I figured this was a good time to move up to three. Vanilla Yobaby for breakfast and a bottle. I decided that if I could keep him from his late morning nap (must have a paci for that nap) maybe he wouldn't miss it yet. So we ran errands and visited lots of friendly faces. When we got home at lunch time he ate apples, drank a bottle, and fell asleep in my arms. I laid him down in his bed, fully expecting him to wake up shortly (a normal nap for Max is 45min to 1 hour). To my surprise, he slept for 3 full hours!!! He hasn't done that - h__l, I don't know if he has EVER taken a three hour nap before!! He woke up in a great mood. He played the rest of the afternoon until the GP's came to get him. I thought a planned distraction of being cuddled and held all evening might help him not miss paci too much. He ate dinner with them, came home and went to bed at 9pm. I did have to go in and rub his head twice to get him to go to sleep, but it was WAY easier than I thought it would be. Today isn't going to be as easy as yesterday. His gums seem to be bothering him more and he usually chews on his paci during these times. I have had him in his excersaucer more than usual today, but there are lots of things to chew on so seem mildly content. I am going to try to repeat yesterdays pattern and see what happens with the afternoon nap. The 3 hour nap yesterday was pure bliss. I got so much done! Wish me luck that today's goes the same. We are going out shopping and and to dinner with the GP's this evening with the same intent as yesterday - keep him so busy he doesn't think about paci. Hopefully he will be so tired when we get home bedtime will go well. I had been concerned that we had already waited too long to take it away, but I'm glad we waited until now to attempt it. He is so social now that it is so much easier to keep him busy than before. Fingers crossed all contiues to go smoothly with Max's Paci Withdrawl and Rehab!



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