2 1 2 Week Old Constipated Any Advice Is Appreciated

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lianne - July 3

hi ladies. my baby is about 3 weeks old now (on tues) and he is constipated, i can tell because he is grunting while trying to make a movement, and when he finally gets anything out, it is quite hard...(sorry if TMI), i have given him 1 oz of water with 1 oz of apple juice, (our home visiting nurse told us to go ahead and do that if he became constipated), he had another movement, but it was a small amount, but more loose than his prior 3. do you think that the apple sauce is helping to work it out of his system, or did i upset his stomach more by giving him the apple juice. i know that the lady said to do that, but after giving it a little more thought (unfortunatly after the fact) i feel like he might be a little young for apple juice, but i also guess that it is more for the sugar in the juice than anything, but i still worry that he might be too young...can anyone give me any thoughts or advice about this. i hate that things always seem to happen on the weekends when doctors offices are closed lol, so i thought that i would ask here real quick. thanks ladies!


miami_loca - July 3

Hey lianne----i wouldnt worry about him being too young for juice. Just make sure you dilute it with water 50-50---half juice--half water. My sons doc told me to use regular ole prune juice (diluted) when he was constipated around 3-4 weeks old. It worked. Give it another day or so and see what happens, then maybe you could try the prune juice. You may want to consider a formula change as well. :)


mama3 - July 3

I have that problem with my lo also. I satrted giving her 2-4 oz of water a day. If her poo gets to soft I skip a day. But the water helps keep her regular. I haven't tryed prune juice, good idea though. I just put a quarter oz of apple juice in her 4 oz bottle of water. She loves it, lol. Hope your lo is feeling better soon. Also I have been putting the apple juice in her bottle since 2 wks of age. As lng as you don't put alot in the bottle it won't harm your baby. Now if your lo gets alot of gas after drinking it with apple juice then, no apple juice for lo, lol. My 2nd lo couldn't have pear juice and my 1st no apple. Best wishes.


torbman - July 3

Hi Lianne. I have a 2 week old preemie boy, and the same with him as well. My doc told me to use 4onces of water with one tsp, of white sugar. The water should be distilled. (just boil water for 10 minutes, then let cool ) I give my little guy 1 ounce in the morning and one in the evening. Also she said that if it still wasn't helping that he was old enough for glycerin suppositories. they are pretty big and you just cut off the tip and put that in his rectum (sorry tmi). Only when absolutly nessesary though. The water has worked awesome for him and he loves it. I was told not to use honey or juice like apple just because most of it isn't pasterized. I hope this helps. Tamara


acrone - July 3

You can also give one teaspoon of light kayo syrup with 1 oz of water twice a day or inbetween feedings to help.


babylucy - July 3

My ped says to get in a warm bath with baby and do a bicycle with her legs in the water, I did it with mine when she was 3 weeks and it worked like a charm! Although she went while we were both in the tub together. Yuck!


lianne - July 4

thank you ladies! i appreciate all of your advice. his bm's seem to have loosened some, although they arent as much (as far as amount sorry if tmi) as i would like them to be. i am hoping that by tomorrow he will be better, if not, i will move onto prune juice, or one of the other suggestions that you ladies gave me. again i appreciate all of the advice. it is comforting to know that you can come here and get great feedback from other women who know what you are going through. thanks again! and happy 4th of july!


erenimi - July 5

my dr. said 1oz of 1/2 prune or pear juce and 1/2 water and it worked wonders for my dd.



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