2 A M Playtime

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Dani aka Kamries mommy - March 13

Well, the past few nights have been horrible! I put Kamrie to bed at 8pm (her normal bedtime) and by 2 am she is wide awake and ready to play!! She sleeps in bed with me (please dont yell at me) and around 2 I roll over to notice that she is wide awake, laying on her belly, playing pat-a-cake!!!!! This is the third night in a row of this. She then goes back to sleep around 4 and gets up at her normal time of 7am. I am really loosing my mind. Any advice would be great. By the way, she is 6 1/2 months old and I have tried the whole putting her to bed an hour early in case she is overtired and that was a nightmare. And there is no way she could stay up an hour later, she is already sooo grouchy by 8! Thank again!


HANNAHs Mom - March 13

I feel your pain! My 1st dd would do that. My only suggestion...if you can...ignore her....otherwise she will will make it a nightly habit thinking ..boy, it is fun to wake up at 2am and play with mommy. I would sometimes throw in a Baby Einstein video if that did not work. (if you have a tv in your bedroom)


Sarahsmommy - March 13

Can you try cutting back on her naptime some during the day? If she gets to much sleep during the day then she won't need as much sleep at night.


Heidi - March 13

My 5 month old did this over the weekend. Thank god it was the weekend. She woke up at three and was all happy and talking in her crib and turning her ocean wonders off and on and I brought her to bed hoping that nursing would put her back out and she just laid there and babbled and poked at her dad's ribs till he woke up and started talking to her. Gees! She finally went back to sleep at four.


Shelly - March 13

Jesse had done this!! good news it is only very temporarly,but like Hannahs mom said,ignore her as much as possible.I did,no eye contact,no smiles and no talking!! That way they know not to make it a habit. Did she just accomplish a milestone? Sometimes they wake up so theycan "practise" a little bit more. Jesse did this too after rolling over.


natalia - March 13

My Trevor (6 mo. old) did this couple nights last week. To fix it, I changed his bedtime schedule. I put him to bed an hour LATER than before. Around 10pm I played with him, let him kick , giggle, play around to make him really tired. By 11PM he started to get fussy and tired, I gave him warm milk, turned all the lights off, gave him pacifier, and he was out in two minutes.



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