2 Mo Lo Is Struglling Doesn T Want To Eat Help

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rohan - October 21

my 2.5 months old son is bottle fed - Pumped br___t milk aswell as formula. For the past 2 wks he has started fussing a lot and doesn't want to drink. He went on the bottle when he was 2 wks old (wasn't taking enough from the br___t so had weight issues - he has only had milk from bottle since then ) He cries and screams when we put th bottle in his mouth - we know he is hungry because he generally drinks 3 ounces every 3 hrs and is sucking his hand and agitated, but happy to play and smile at us. If we force the bottle in his mouth sometimes he'll struggle but then calm down and take the milk, and at other times he'll just cry and scream and I give up feeding him - he gets happy as soon as I put him with his toys or talk to him. I don't want him to struggle or cry - want this to be a happy meal time for him. Only time he takes the bottle without struggle is while he is sleeping. At times he is so charged up he doesn't want to take a nap and can go without sleeping for 3-4 hrs. I have to fianlly put him in a snuggly and walk around to put him to sleep, and then try to feed him - this way he atleast takes a little but not a meal. Why is he struggling with the bottle? he does have reflus so is on rintidine. He is in the 20th percentile so he is not really over fed or anything. please help ! I feel so tired afer a day's feeding, since he doesn't get his fill in the day he has never slept for more than 3-4 hrs at a stretch at night.


cyclemom - October 21

Hi Rohan- Sorry to hear about your struggles. My ds is now 8 months old, but when he was about 2 months, his reflux got pretty bad. He is b___stfed, but he would arch his back, twist his head away, and cry anytime I tried to nurse him. He would only nurse in his sleep. It got to the point where I would nurse him during his naps and throughout the night. He was on a PPI for his reflux (Prevacid solutabs). That seemed to work once we got the right dose figured out. For my ds, his eating problems were becuase of his reflux. Now he nurses much better, but the only way he nurses is laying on top of me, or if we both lay on our sides. His reflux is SO much better since he started solids. He's off his prevacid too. Check with your ped to see if your sons eating problems could be due to his reflux not being controlled. Also, check the nipple number on the bottle. It could be a flow issue. Too fast or too slow. GL!


Gretta - October 21

I b___stfed my baby but would give her a bottle now and than. We had to go through several different bottles before she found one she liked which was the Playtex Dropins with the b___stfeeding nipple. She hated the Avent bottles which I had bought a ton of and she hated the Breastflow bottles.


aliciavr6 - October 22

Oh man, my dd does this during the day, it's almost like she gets TOO wound up to calm down and sit still to eat. She starts to, then turns her head to look around, and kicks, etc. I have to lay her down in her crib for 5 minutes or so to calm her down, then feed her.


tryingx3 - October 25

All great recommendations, would have ped check for thrush in his mouth - mouth could hurt, also nipple flow definitely comes to mind...


socalmom - October 25

I just wanted to add that it might be the nipples, if you have been using the same ones for 2 months now and washing then in the dishwasher sometimes the hot water breaks the nipple down and changes flow. Try getting some new nipples and see if that helps. I also bottle feed(b___st milk) and I noticed that my lo would fuss with some nipples and not others so I stopped washing them in the dishwasher and got some new ones, he does much better now. Hope things get better for you and your lo!


rohan - November 9

Thank you all for your responses. He is still not getting better. We have changed the nipples (level 1 for Dr. Brown bottles). Have increased the midication - though our doctor was reluctant to and still has him on quite a low amount - .7ml twice daily. We are giving him Enfamil thickened (rice cereal) formula. That might be hard for him to digest so we are taking him off it. It is becoming really hard to fight with him at every meal time.



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