2 Month Immunizations

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carmendanielle - May 30

have you had them yet? how did they go? would you recommend giving your baby infant tylenol? i've heard it can be a good idea...


galvquodi - May 30

Hi, I am seeing the doctor for Madeleine's immunization on thursday, I'll let you know what they say.


Sarahsmommy - May 30

Sarah's were almost 4 months ago now but they went just fine. I did give her infant tylenol, you should call and see what the dose is though. I gave it about 1 hour before her appointment so it had time to kick in.


Annette - May 30

My son had them 2 months ago. I did not give him any Tylenol before the shots, the nurse told me to administer .6 one hour AFTER and then once again in the morning if he didn´t need more or some in between according to how bad he felt. He cried loud after the first needle went in but once the nurse finished, I held and b___stfed him and that took care of it. He didn´t have any reactions at all, ate with appet_te, spent the evening if very good mood, had no fever and slept "like a baby". Anyway, I am sure you will get all needed indications by your nurse. My advice: get some Tylenol yourself , I realized it is harder for the mom than for the baby!


krnj - May 30

Hi I gave my ds tylenol about 1/2 hour before his shots. He did fine but was fussy 3 days later. He was crying all day and not eating much which is unlike him. We ended up taking him to the pedi and she couldn't find anything wrong with him so I think he had a reaction to the shot. Anyway I would definately recommend the tylenol. Good luck & let us know how it goes!


K - May 31

Our pediatrician had us give her one dose of Tylenol when we got to the doctor's office right before the shot and then additional doses every 4 to 6 hours for the next 24 hours. She never ran a fever. She acted very tired and lethargic the day of the shots, but the next day was back to herself.


Rabbits07 - May 31

My ds had his shots today. He started crying when the first needle went in and continued until the third one was done, but as soon as I picked him up he quit crying. I was prepared to nurse and went ahead and did it because I felt so bad!!! I was told to give baby .4 ml (marked on included dropper) Tylenol every 4-6 hours as needed. We are to use cold compresses on his legs today and then warm ones tomorrow to help with swelling & soreness that can occur at the injection site. I wet several washclothes folded into quarters and put them in a bag in the freezer. I then put one in a sandwich bag and use it for the cold compress. Hold it between your hands for a minute or two and the ice begins to melt and the shape will conform to baby's leg. When it warms just get another out of the freezer and put that one back in.


Kel - May 31

I did not give mine Tylenol before because the information on the box said under 6 months to consult the dr and since my appointment was on Monday morning first thing, I wasn't able to call first. I did give her tylenol immediately after (in the dr. office) and every 4 hours for 24 hours. She did pretty well. She was kind of tired and fussy for the day, but nothing crazy. She cried onlyl during the shots and was done the minute the shots were done. Just so you know, our dr based the Tylenol dosage off her weight. My dd was 11.8 and was told .6 every 4 hours.


ry - May 31

do u guys know if you can use infant motrin or does it have to be tylenol?


Heather F - May 31

My baby had them last week, she had a fever and diarea from it for two days, it wasnt pleasent. ry - motrin is only fir babies older then 6 months, so I would stick with tylonal.


miami_loca - June 2

my son did great. i didnt need to give him tylenol, and he only cried for about 10 seconds. Most babies do well. My older daughter, same thing. Good luck!


ca_pink - June 2

We had our shots today. The baby cried during the shots and stopped once we held her. We gave her a dose of Tylenol right before the shot and the nurse told us to continue to give it to her only if she ran a fever or became fussy...otherwise, not to give the Tylenol. Our baby's legs where she received the shots were swollen, so we had to apply ice for about 10 minutes to reduce the swelling. The shots are definitely harder on the parents then the baby. Good luck!


galvquodi - June 5

We had the shots last thursday. Madeleine took some tylenol right before. SHe still has a mild fever, which worries me... Anyway, tylenol helped keep the temperature under control. Good luck


carmendanielle - June 5

thanks for all the responses! Cate did pretty well. But I heard a cry I have never heard before, and afterwards she whimpered for about 15 minutes with a big pout on her face....so yes, it's hard on the mommy! The rest of the day she was a bit fussy but the next day she was as good as new. oh yes, and I gave her a little bit of tylenol about an hour before we left.


Selena - June 5

When dd got her 2 month shots her Dr. told me to ahve the tylenol ready to give her just as the nurse was going to give the first shot. She said the sweet taste distracts some from the shots itself. We did it and it worked pretty good, no crying until the 3rd and 4th shot. She never did run a fever but I continued to give tylenol for the first 24hrs per the Drs instructions. When it came time for 4 month old shots we repeated the same proceedure but this time there was more crying and she definatelt ran a fever for 2 day post. Only 2 weeks until the 6 months shots and I am dreading it big time!



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