2 Month Old Shaking Head Quot No Quot

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ry - June 3

Hi guys! My 9 week old has been shaking her head back and forth for the past few days now like she is saying "no" but she does it so violently I am scared she will hurt her neck or she is jiggling her brains around (like in shaken baby) i know it sounds strange, i am a first time Mom so I am sure I am overreacting, but every weird thing she does is so scary! Does anyone else's baby do this or know why? Should I try to stop her?


Ronni - June 3

my ds also does that. He is 8 weeks and has been doing that since he was 2 weeks. when does she do it? mine will shake no when i am going to give him the bottle or the pacifier. He is not saying no to it, it's just a reflex when he is going to take something into his mouth. I wouldn't worry about it. But as all first time moms, we tend to worry about everything! : )


Amy_mommy - June 3

my little one just started doing that since she was 6 weeks old........like turning left to right-right to left.......she even does this when i'm feeding her.... does your little does it while u are feeding????????????


Rabbits07 - June 3

I think they realize that they can do things and they just want to keep on doing it. DS has started holding his head up more and I really have to watch him because he will bobble all over the place. DH told him that he was gonna put a lei and hula skirt on him and stick him on his dashboard!


melissa g. - June 3

my dd did that the first month or so, i called her the hungry shark, she did it when about to eat or if she was hungry sometimes she would do it with the pacifier too! she doesnt do it anymore. she is nearly 4 months now. i dont think you should worry!


Mel_C - June 4

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, like the others said it's likely that she's hungry, or just figured out what "b___ton" makes that movement work! However just a thought, my mother tells me that I did that as a 6 week old and it turned out I had an ear infection. So maybe if your dd has any other signs of being unwell you might want to get her checked out.



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