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cle - May 5

My daughter is due for her 2 month shots but I'm kind of in a situation right now .. I needed to get state assisted insurance for her and it was supposed to kick in right around now .. well i come to find out 2 days ago that it won't kick in until june 1st, she'll be 3 months .. My question is would any harm be done in waiting till she's 3 months and the insurance is available to get her first shots?? Will it throw off the timing for her other shots? I can't imagine what the shots will cost considering her 1 month check up cost me $200 for them to basically weigh and measure her .. I feel like I'm being a bad mommy though for even thinking about waiting .. And i hate calling the pediatrician and talking to the receptionist, she's such a snob!


Rabbits07 - May 5

Most state health departments will do childrens' vaccinations for free, even though they charge on a sliding scale for other services. I would call and ask. Getting just one month behind isn't that big of a deal...but there are certain vacs that have to have a certain amount of time between them, so it will throw you off schedule.


MJM - May 5

We have a community nurse or health nurse that does the shots for 15 bucks. We have good ins however they dont cover the imm. So I take my son there. Call the wic clinic or welfare dept and they should have the number for the health nurse.


HANNAHs Mom - May 5

Often times shots will be postponed if there is any sign of illness in a baby/child so perhpas if you're able to talk to your pediatrician she can work it with your insurance schedule. Don't worry about the receptionist...worry about your little one...anyway, insurance issues are a dime a dozen. Good luck.


rl - May 5

i agree with Rabbits07 the health dept will give vacinations out for free I have 3 kids I did that with the first 2 even though I had insurance with my 3rd I really like his doctor so I have been going to him for his shots and as far as them being a bit late it is not really that big of a deal my little guy was sick with a cold when he was due for his 2month shots so I waited a couple of weeks just to be sure cause I knew he had to get 4 shots and the doctor was fine with that


kimberley - May 5

I let my DD shots go a month after 2 months, for diff reasons, so her next ones will be at 5 months etc etc....no biggy....just wait if you want.



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