2 Month Shots

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 3

Hi, My daughter will be going in for her 2 month shots in about a week or so. I have heard of giving them tylenol, but a friend also told me about Emla patches. Have any of you ever used them? Do you recommend them? Are they worth the money? They are pretty expensive, but if it is worth it, I will get them. Please let me know what I should give my little one to ease the pain. Thank you.


P - July 3

The shot itself isn't that bad I think. My daughter cried a little bit when she got hers but not for very long. It's the effects of the shot that cause the discomfort and there isn't anything you can do about that. My daughter fell asleep after she got hers and slept for a couple of hours. Then she woke up and screamed for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep. She was fine the next day. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for. Your little girl will be fine with the Tylenol. Give it to her about an hour before you go.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 3

I just feel so bad making her go through the pain. I know there is alot of debate if you should get shots, but I am all for them. I do not think they are related to autism, because if they were everyone I know would be autistic. Anyway, I just feel terrible, and think I will probably cry just as much as she does. Thank you


Tahlia's Mama - July 3

Tahlia had 3 shots and an oral vaccine today. She screamed for about 10 mins afterwards, but calmed down after lots of cuddles. Now shes fast asleep. Let you know how she goes...


Jadyns Mommy - July 6

Jadyn goes in on the 14th for her shots as well and I am a nervous wreck about it. How much Tylenol do you give them before the dreaded needle?


Kerry - July 6

My girl is due for her 4 month shots next month when she had her first shots I gave her Tempra for infants It worked great give it half an hour before then every 4 hours after if needed


P - July 6

Jadyn's mom, if it's the two-month shot, my doctor said 0.4ml. If not just go by the instructions. Don't worry, it's worse for us than them.


Tahlia's Mama - July 6

I was told not to give her anything, as it may mask any bad reactions, but go with whatever your doc says. She slept the rest of the day she had her shots and all that night. Next day she was herself again :o)


E - July 7

Yeah my daughters shots are on the 11th. and she will be exactly 2 months. im kinnda scared, and will most likly give her tyenol before hand..


Amanda N - July 7

My daughter had her 2 month shots Tuesday. I didn't give her Tylenol before. She screamed but as soon as I got to pick her back up she was fine. She was quite cranky afterwards and screamed a lot. My mom recommended giving her some Tylenol after we were home to help keep her calm. It worked just fine that way.


Liz - July 8

Amaya's mommy: I wrote a question about my experience with my baby's 2 mos. shots about a month ago. Unfortunately, if you haven't already had it done, you will cry. I did and I'm dreading having to go back for his 4 mos old physical but like people have told me and I agree with it...the disease would be far worse. I did give my baby Tylenol before as well and another dose later in the day in case he was a bit sore. Except for the discomfort during the shots, he was fine. Good luck! :)


Liz - July 8

oh, I forgot, the Emla patches will slightly numb the outer surface of the skin only, what hurts the most is actually the liquid (the medication) that is injected into the muscle and the patch will not do anything in regards to that, so it's up to you. It might not help as much as we would like it to.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 8

Liz- Thank you. You are the only person that has told me anything about the Emla patches. I just feel so bad having her go through all the pain. I know I will probably cry more than she does, and that is why her daddy has to go with us. He will be the one to hold her when she gets them because I just cant make myself hold her down while they poke and prod her. It just makes me sad to think about it.


m - July 9

b___st or bottle feed while the shots are given. she will only cry for a few seconds.


m - July 9

oh yeah, have them let the alcohol dry before puncturing. works like a charm.


Sofia's Mom - July 28

You might also want to see if your doctor can give you the Tylenol. Mine gives free samples & even if that doesn't save her the pain of the needle, it'll save you a little $.


E - July 28

tera - Natural immunity means that you have contracted the disease. A vaccination surely beats natural immunity.



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