2 Month Shots Heart Breaking

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mandee25 - January 26

Yesterday I took my 9 week old in to get his 2 month shots. Well the secretary messed up and my doctor wasn't in so I had to wait an hour to see my doctor's husbad (who is also a doctor). Well I didn't get out of there for an hour and a half and wasn't use to waiting to see a doctor. I had feed Noah right before I left and forgot to bring a bottle. Thank God he wasn't hungry. I will never leave the house without a bottle from now on! Noah just loved the doctor and couldn't stop smiling. It broke my heart when he started screaming after the first needle.I had tears in my eyes and almost started bawling myself.I gave him Infant Tylenol drops an hour before my scheduled appointment and then 4 hours later. Well he fell asleep for about 3 hours after he ate and started SCREAMING like I never heard him do before. It was absolutely heart wrenching to hear. Once I started feeding him he was ok and did alright for the rest of the night. Today he doesn't seem to be in any pain so I am happy about that. I am not looking forward to his 4 month immunizations! Oh yeah and at 9 weeks he measured 24 inches and weighs 14 lbs. 4 oz. He sure doesn't look like he weighs that much! And he only weighed 8 lbs. at birth!


mandee25 - January 26



sahmof3 - January 26

Poor babes. I'm glad he feels better today! Mine was a little cranky after his shots yesterday, too. I think his arms were tender (he got one in each arm). He seems ok today, though.


Rhiannon - January 26

Mine were really bad after their first shots, but they were much better for thier second round. They just slept a bit more that day.


rl- - January 26

sahmof 3 they gave your lo shots in the arm? My ds always gets them in the leg. I have never seen them given in the arm to babies...are you in the states? I mean it is no big deal just wondering ( : Oh and to Mandee they get over that pain really quick and atleast you know they are protected from getting something really bad...it still is hard to have to watch I just had my ds in for his 1yr and I had to hold his arms while he got the shots in the legs and I hated every second of that!!


sahmof3 - January 26

rl- yeah, I'm in the U.S. Leah had some in her arm, too, when she was an older baby. Justin may have had his shots at 12 months in his arm, too... I forget. He's 18 months and he had his 2nd dose of HepA and his DTaP. I was holding my son in such a way that the nurse had access to his leg and she was like, "He's old enough now to get the shot in his arm." I think this has changed in the last few years, because I'm pretty sure I don't remember Nathan (my 6 1/2 yo) getting any shots in his arm.


jenrodel - January 27

Oh, I feel your pain! When Cooper got his 2 month shots I couldn't help but cry a little, the poor guy screamed like I've never heard. He had to get four of them! He was just soooo upset for the entire day, I felt awful. On Monday he will be four months old, which means another set of shots next week :( Poor babies!!


AshleyB - January 27

I take ds in next week for his 2 mo. shots. I'm not looking forward to it. He cried pretty hard last time, but he recovered withing a couple minutes. I was impressed with the little tough guy, but this time he has to get like 4 of them. :(


BriannasMummy - January 28

Im not looking forward to this at all. Ka__sidy has hers scheduled for February 7th.. exactly 2 months. I remember with my first .. her first needles.. i bawled like a baby. Im happy that he feels better today though! POOR NOAH!! ~Kristin~


flower.momma - January 28

Yeah my son's are on Tuesday. The first ones with my dd were heartwrenching, but after a while you aren't as phased. I am worried because my dd had/has really high pain tolerance. At her 2-year appt she got one shot and barely grimaced. But my son is such a wimp. One tiny bump and he is wailing like I killed him. So I know he will not be happy....... poor guys...



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