2 Q S Staring Into Space And Solids

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dee23 - January 26

first, my ds is 6 1/2 months, and has recently begun to stare into space for seconds at a time, no matter what i try to do to grab his att. is that normal. also, he has 4 bottles a day, and in the time between the 4 and 8pm bottles, he has nothing else to eat. he seems grumpy around the time that we would give him something (6pm, 2 hours after bottle). should we fill this void for him? or is it not ok to give a third meal, let alone that late? cheers.


charliepaulchloe - January 26

Kiera is 3months old and has 2 solid meals per day. Hers her rough breakdown of intake: 7.30am breakfast solid plus bottle, 11am bottle, 2pm bottle, 5pm solid dinner plus 2oz baby juice, 7pm bottle, 8pm bed til 7am. Hope this helped a little


dee23 - January 26

thx charlie. does anyone else want to share there ruitine? maybe if you have a 6 month old? thx.


shelly - January 26

hi dee, my 6 month ds has 4 bottles a day,hes been on solids since 4 months and eats 3 times a day,i used to do the bottle first in the morning and he would drink 8 0r 9 oz but wasnt keen on having much solids so now i do,solids first then botlle or maybe half an hour later.then 1 oclock solids then a bottle at 2.then 5 last lot of solids then a bottle at 6 then one last bottle at around 10 or 11 which i do a dream feed so he dosent really wake for it, but it will then keep him going till 9 the next morning.it seems like never ending feeding lol,


Deb - January 26

Hi Dee - here's Carly's routine - the times change daily but are roughly like this: 8:00 b___st, 11:30 1 jar of baby food (usually a fruit and veggie mixed) plus a 4oz bottle, 3:00 b___st and bottle (I'm weaning), 6:30 1 baby food jar of cereal mixed with prunes plus a 4oz bottle, 8:30 b___st and bottle. If he is grumpy, why don't you try to give him something. If he takes it readily, then you know he is hungry and wants food. If not, then maybe he is tired or just having a grumpy period. Good luck!


Deb - January 26

Oh, I forgot to mention that Carly likes her feedings closer together at night. She can go 3.5 to 4.5 hours between feedings during the day but at night she doesn't want that last bottle any longer than 2 hours from her dinner. If we wait any longer she gets very cranky. She then sleeps from 9pm to 8am.


piratesmermaid - January 26

Well, we feed Gretchen on demand, she's 6months and 1week old. But she demands on a schedule. :) She gets the b___b a couple times in the early morning, then oatmeal breakfast around 9:30-10, then b___b, then lunch of veggies usually at 12:30-1, then b___b, then b___b a few more times before dinner at 7:30 which is usually about 3-4oz of veggies or a dinner, then bath, b___b, bed at 8:30-9.........................................As far as the spacing out thing, I've noticed that with Gretchen as well. But I've done that myself for as long as I can remember, so I never really thought about it before....


rl- - January 26

my ds does the spacing out thing well heck my other two did it too when they would be really tired and about to fall asleep like in the car and I always say oh he's spacing meaning spacing out about to go to sleep LOL I think it is pretty normal though!! (my older two are just fine)



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