2 Questions Activiies And Stay At Home Mom Questions

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TiffanyRae - October 18

Both my questions relate to each other but one is for mom one for baby.....First my LO is 9 weeks and I am wondering what other moms do for entertainment for their little ones around this age? And second for Stay at home moms.....I only have Alex no other little ones...and am SO bored staying at home! I have never been a big TV watcher and my house is super clean. I am bored off my tush! Alex and I walk for a few hours everyday but other then that I am at a loss! I am normally a VERY active person...always in school or working! I feel guilty if I go out and do things without DH also because he is the one working! Arg! I guess I just need to have five more kids so my days are filled with activity! lol kidding.....But any suggestions would be fantastic! Thanks!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 18

As for your first question, my daughter is 7 weeks old (almost 8) and she loves the airplane thing, peek a boo, and she loves this toy I got her and she loves it when I b__w on her tummy, take off her socks and kiss her feet and play with her toes, she also loves when I kiss her nose and cheeks and make funny sounds. She is little but I get a good laugh out of her. As for your second question, I am the same way. I am absolutely not a home body, but also don't want to do things without DH. So I do online surveys and get paid for them so I am bored and getting paid for it lol I do something that I love such as writing long stories. arts and crafts, Ithink I rearrange my house like 5 times a month lol then i also print my pictures and have fun with sc___pbooking and get thousands of stickers and decorations and make it as cool, colorful and make it stand out as much as I can. I don't like watching TV either. But I have fun with little things


DDT - October 18

As to the SAHM question: Don't worry your bored stage won't last for long. Your lo will start taking up a lot of your time and then eventually ALL of your time. Besides that I do try to get out of the house every day. I get cabin fever especially with the weather changing. I also go for 2 20min walks a day for fresh air. If I were you I would be sleeping or relaxing during this phase. I wish I had! Put together a sc___p book or something LOL! Now in my free time (while ds - 8 months - is napping) I attempt to eat, shower, change, use the loo....all those essentials....before he wakes up and is ready to go again.


suze42 - October 18

i agree w/DDT...the bored phase is shortlived... even one little one can keep you very busy. Nerdy girl you have some great suggestions! I also make myself get out of the house once a day...i live in a big city...with alot of free fun things to do...DS and i went everywhere...zoo, science center, parks, Pet Store, Nature Center..etc... Now i have 2 kids and its so much harder to get out and do stuff...so take advantage of the time you have with just your one....i really had great times w/my son.


Allisonc79 - October 18

Maybe join a gym that has childcare so you can get out of the house and have somewhere fun for her to go so she can be exposed to a different place/toys etc. Right now just interaction is best since they are still in that important trust building stage, just playing with them and talking to them are great. You can also try tummy time by rolling up a towel on the floor then puting babys arms over the roll with her elbows on the floor (if she is getting good at holding her head up), put her legs in a crawling position, then dangle toys for him to look at to encourage him to hold the position. Its helps their muscles used for holding their head up and crawling. Listening to music, fast and slow songs is fun to get them to tell the difference. Putting things that make noise in their hands helps them get to know their hands more. Babies at that age love discovering their legs and hands.


suze42 - October 18

Oh and yes you do not want to over schedule your lo. Going out for even 20 min to an hour is a big day for them! So keep the outings short and sweet esp at this young age...they are mostly for you! Check into Gymboree cla__ses. My DS and i did them when he was younger...i met some nice moms and we all went for coffee after...playgroups will help both of you alot.


c_baer19 - October 18

I agree.. you won't be bored for long! Maybe my little one is just a little needy, but she keeps me busy most of the time. The rest of the time I'm trying to catch up on housework or trying to get a few posts in on here!


excited2bemama - October 19

As far as entertaining my lo when she was 9 weeks. She loved to be outside looking around- or in the baby bjorn looking around, or on the floor looking around. She was/is very curious and love to take it all in. As far as being bored as a SAHM- I know what you mean. Some days I am really BORED too. My lo is 4.5 months.- some days she is really content, dinner is already made, my house is clean, and I have already gone for a walk- One of my sister in laws told me to ENJOY IT- once you have another lo- you will never be as carefree and relaxed as you are now. Once I think about that I try to enjoy my carefree time right now- Once I have done laudnry, made dinner, paid bills. etc I will sit down and read a good book, browse online forums (:o)). We don't have TV- so that isn't an option. I also- joined a moms group(we meet once a week for 2 hours) and usually meet with other mommy friends to walk/.chat about our lo's 1-2 times a week and that really helps to break up the week. Also once our babies get to the crawling, walking stage ( which will be soon enough) we will have our hands FULL all day lng!! So even though it ma be boring right now- YOur lo wil make you busier and busier....


wailing - October 20

Yup. My friends dd is now 16 months and she is a CRAZY women!!! My lo is 4 months now and sometimes I get bored but try to remember it won't always be like this. Once they start crawling and walking the peace and serenity are OVER!!! Try joining a mom group, Baby Yoga. Jog w/ bb. Enjoy


squished - October 20

I may sound like an idiot but how do you have time to have clean houses? My lo can entertain himself for a bit in his bouncy seat, play mat, crib, but not for too long of an extended time. I used to have a pretty together house, but for some reason seem to not be able to keep it together. When he is napping I try and spend some time with our dogs b/c I feel bad for them, but I can't get it together to have our house clean. How do you do it? Suggestions would be great :)



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