2 Questions Loud Baby Party Favors

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Lalla - January 24

Hello, I have two questions, the first is that my 10 1/2 month old dd is really loud! We walk into a store and she almost sings, but of course she is not singing she is 10 months old - she is not screaming either, it is just this loud voice that goes aaaaaaahhaaahhhha and then she laughs, when people comment on it I say that if there was a baby American Idols, she would be on it! - anyone else with a loud baby and how and when do you try to guide her to not be so loud. I have started to shush her with my finger over my mouth and then I whisper that we should be more quite.... my second question is - her first birthday is coming up and we are going to have a very simple party for her with a about 10-13 adults and 4 kids who are under 4 (3 1/2, 2, 4 months x 2). What kind of party favors do you suggest for the kids and do you give the childless adults anything? We are on a strickt budget so the party will be cake and cookies and soda in a small outdoor garden - and what kind of activities do you suggest for the little ones?.... we are doing a Pippi Longstocking theme.... I am very grateful for any suggestions!! Thank you ladies so much (sorry for so long...)


mummy2paris - January 24

For the first Q i will tell my daughter to be quite n tone it down abit have been for about a year she is 2 in march she loves to gigle n chat n be noisy but i only shh her when her noise is inapropreate :)


sahmof3 - January 24

If you are in the store or in public when she starts getting loud you could try cupping her face with yuor hands and planting a big smooch on her mouth or cheek to distract her. My best friend did this and it worked... then to keep him distracted she just talked to him face to face as she shopped. She would just say crazy stuff like "Look at the price of kumquats, can you believe it?" lol in a (quiet LOL) baby-talk voice.


sahmof3 - January 24

My daughter just had her b-day. For party favors I handed out candies to the adults as they were leaving. For the kids I had party bags with little bottles of bubbles, a few candies (so they wouldn't see them before eating their food), and stamps (the kind you paint, turn over and stamp with).


Lalla - January 25

hello, thank you so much mummy2paris and sahmof3 for the suggestions I will try that. Also thank you sahmof3 for the info on what you did for your dd's birthday party - I will probably do something similar. I did think of bubbles - that is always fun. if anyone else would like to add to what they did for party favors that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!



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