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Gena - January 25

I have a 2 week old daughter. When you guys change your child, do you always wipe them w/ diaper wipe even when they just pee? And how long did you wait before taking them somewhere other than the Dr??


Lisastar9 - January 25

I only wiped with diaper wipe when they had a poopy diaper. When they had a pee diaper I used vasoline at every diaper change. Waited to go out in public I didn't. I went shopping coming straight from the hospital.


CyndiG - January 25

I'm probably gonna get slammed for this, but no, I didn't and don't wipe with a wipe for just a pee pee diaper. BUT, I always keep desitin on her, and it totally repels pee. And, I'm not a homebody. So I was out and about immediately. I have to get on with life! I was always really picky about people touching her though. We took her on a short vacation at 3 weeks....to Carowinds at 12 weeks, and to Disney at 16 weeks....(I have an 8 year old too, so life keeps on moving and Carlie just has to hang on! :O} )


Rabbits07 - January 25

I wipe with the wipes with a poo or a pee diaper...personal choice I guess. I didn't go out in public until mine were about a month old at least. Too many people who don't keep their germy hands to themselves....with it being cold and flu season I would be extra cautious.


Gena - January 25

Thanks ladies!


ash2 - January 25

I wipe with both...i took them both to the doc. before or right at a week old. You need to take them in this time limit so they can check things like jondus (SP) and other things that happen quickly after birth.


sahmof3 - January 25

I wipe with both. I took my boys out for walks, to the store, even to church pretty much right away... they were born in the summer= not too much illness going around. My daughter, however, was born in January and was in NICU for respiratory problems, so I was very cautious with her. Nowhere but the peds for about 6 weeks. The weather was atrocious anyway, so I didn't really feel like going out!


Bonnie - January 25

I wipe for both. Mason is not circ'd so I do more for a precautionary mesaure.


mandee25 - January 26

I wipe my ds even when he pees but I really don't know why. I guess you don't really need to. We started taking our ds out right away but not on a daily basis. Four days after we left the hospital we had to take him back for a well baby check up.


Rhiannon - January 26

Sometimes I wipe when they pee. It depends on how much they have peed and how pungent it is. I brought them out in public for the first time at about 3 or 4 weeks. They were born in August so I knew after Oct I would be house bound. (Living in Canada)


rl- - January 26

I sometimes wipe with pee but not always just depends if the diaper was really full then I wipe...we went out with ds right away.


Angiconda - January 26

I usually don't wipe ds if he just pees unless he is soaked (when he wakes up in the morning). As far as taking them out I was a little nervouse at first since ds is my 1st btu we took hom to the state fair when he was 2 or 3 weeks old.


lexa - January 26

I wipe mine for both. I use vaseline to protect her though. I also let her air dry before applying it (as much as I can before the "fountain" turns on). As for waiting to go out....we went out 3 days after getting out of hospital. She had a followup at the doctors. Then again in 2 weeks. I think it all comes down to personal preferance. Good luck with your baby:-)


eliz24 - January 26

I wipe for both,unless I'm in a real hurry and it's just a pee diaper. I took my daughter out to my realtives house when she about a week but not into public,grocery store,mall,etc... until she was 2 weeks old.


shelly - January 26

i usually wipe for both byt not always ,if i havnt a wipe handy,[for the wee i mean lol] i didnt take ds out for the first month, firstly because i was in pain with c sectin and we were in the middle of a heatwave when he was born and i was paranoid about him burning,even tho he is my 2nd child i was still so nervous of the newborn stage.


Mommy_to_be - January 27

I heard that by not wiping after your baby pees leaves the ammonia to sit on the skin, which causes irritation (aka diaper rash)...it was in a Parenting magazine article on reducing diaper rash. Needless to say, I wipe for both. I took my daughter out when she was 2 weeks (for her appt, then for a walk around the neighborhood a few times that week) .


ash2 - January 27

Sorry i misunderstood that last question. I took DS out when he was 5 days old. ( had to get diapers and i had really bad PPD...so it helped.



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