2 Week Old With Cold

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ssmith - May 11

I think my 2 week old has a cold...she is snorting and sounds mucousy (sp?). Also, she sounds like she chokes on the mucus every once in a while. I think this is why she is throwing up a lot too...her tummy is full of the muck that she swallows. What do you do with a baby that has a cold?? I am a nervous wreck!


nic nac - May 11

I know how you feel. The joys of new motherhood, everything makes you a nervouse wreck. Don't worry. are u sure its a cold? babies at that age still have amniotic fluid in their lungs and will mimic cold symptoms for a while (can't remember how long). She may be choking on the fluid. They will sneeze, snort and have lots of boogers in their noses. You can take her temperature rectally and if it is 104 call the dr. asap. Or you can just call the dr. if you still aren't sure. Hope this helps.


Tina-Baby Eva - May 11

Hi, my daughter had a cold after at 2 weeks old, she caught it from me so I felt extra bad and panicked all the time. But there is nothing to worry about, most babys get colds and in some way it isn't a bad thing as it builds up their immune system. Try not to worry too much although its hard I know, just give her lots of cuddles and I'm sure she'll be fine. Bearing in mind if you are still worried go and see your doctor I'm sure he'll put your mind at rest. Take care Tina x


Rabbits07 - May 11

It is common for babies to get a cold soon after birth. Their little immune systems aren't that strong and they are suddenly exposed to all kinds of germs, allergens, irritants, etc. that they were protected from in the womb. My little guy is 6 weeks old and just getting over a cold. You can use saline drops in her nose (make sure it is 100% pure saline WITHOUT a decongestant) One brand is Little Noses, but there are also generics. You can help clear her out by using a bulb syringe. My pedi advised not using the syringe as he said it irritates their nasal pa__sages and can cause them to bleed (then it drains into baby's tummy, baby spits up, parent freaks because baby is spitting up blood..but not really--you get the picture). He said the saline drops were enough to thin the mucus so that it will drain and they will pa__s it through their bowels. If you want to use a syringe (I did and you probably will want to because as you mentioned it can make them spit up more) you can purchase them with the little screw on plastic cap that keeps it from going way up in their nose so there is no irritation...Wal-Mart sells these. It may not even be a cold--it may simply be excess mucus that she is still pa__sing from being born. If she seems to be 'throwing up' alot I would take her to the pedi just to be on the safe side. Also, if there is a fever at all she would need to be seen. It's natural to be upset and nervous when you think your baby is sick but rest a__sured that all babies go through it.


ssmith - May 11

Thanks! I feel better....



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