2 Year Check Up Some Concerns

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HannahBaby - January 18

Ok my daughter went for her 2 year check up today. According to the doctor she should be saying about 50 words (which is about right for her) but she also said that she should be making 3 word sentences (i want milk etc) and she doesnt do that at all. She is referring us to a speach therapist....My question is.....What is NORMAL?? I mean i know what the docs say but i personally have never come across a 2 year old who speaks in sentence.....I just need some advice. Thanks.


Steph - January 18

My daughter was speaking in sentences at 18-20 months. My newphews on the other hand, really didn't start speaking in sentences until they were 2.5 or so....they would occasionally, but not all the time. It's my belief that all kids are different and they learn and do things at their own pace. Your daughter can most likely put three words together, but doesn't feel like it. Possibly, when you play with her you can make a game out of it...like the copy cat game and have her copy you and see if that works. It'll be fun for her and I think that you'll be able to get some short sentences out of her. But, in the meantime, don't stress about it, she'll do it in her own time. :o)


jorden - January 18

Hi. My son is 19 months. He only says truck, mama, and hi but hi is only when he picks up a phone. We went for his 18 month check up and i told her he wasnt talking and she didnt really seem all that concerend. BUT she did tell me that once he is 2 then strangers should understand 50% of what they say and that they should be saying 2 word sentences. She said he should say "go byebye" or "want milk" i also read that too. I dont know about 3 word sentences...weird. But i def agree that each child is different and they'll do it when their ready!


SonyaM - January 18

My first son was a very early talker and did speak in sentences at that age. My second son however is not talking nearly as much as my first. Here's my opinioin on the matter, getting a speach therapy evaluation won't hurt. The therapist will evaluate her and make a determination whether she needs the therapy or not. I say go for it and don't feel bad or guilty. Each child develops on their own schedule some just need a little push.


sahmof3 - January 18

Yes... they are all wildly different... and I'm only talking about my three lol :-) My oldest DID have speech problems. He wasn't saying anything at all at 2! He didn't speak until 3 1/2 and he had speech therapy to help him along, but now at 6 1/2 you'd never know he ever had anything wrong with his speech... he's right where he should be now. When my daughter only had a few words when she turned 2 (no sentences) I was worried we were headed down the same path, but not long after her b-day her language just exploded. Now she's about to turn 3 and noone has trouble understanding her. My 18 month old is already stringing together 2-3 words. He's not real clear, but he does it. For example his, "I want milk." sound more like, "Awa mick.", but he has the concept. He's my earliest by far. I wouldn't be too concerned about your dd's speech yet!!


Emily - January 18

My two year old went from saying one word at a time to saying three or four words at a time almost overnight. She was 22 mos old and in the hospital visiting me and her new baby sister. Well she had been waiting a long time to meet her. The nurse came in to get Marcy for some reason. Mary went nuts, "Bring (pause) Marce (pause) back (longer pause) now!" I would not freak out just yet….But be open to what the speech therapist says. Does your two year old try to talk in sentances? They may not be understandable to anyone but you, but if so at least you can se she is on the right track. Mary is now 2 and 1/2 and tells stories like you would not believe…..and I swear it all happened almost over night! Good luck


soon2bemomof3 - January 18

my dd started speaking in sentences at a very early age but she is advanced for her age, my other dd (9 yo) didn't really speak in sentences until she was about 2 1/2 years old, every child is different don't let it get you too worried.


flower.momma - January 18

One thing to think about is that her sentences may not be as concise as adult sentences, and therefore hard to recognize as actually sentences. Does she say things like "where momma go?". Poppy will say things like that, or "Poppy milk please." (but she wouldn't even add the please part if we didn't make it a big issue). She may be doing it w/out you even realizing it. If not, I wouldn't worry. All kids develop at different rates, and I really think that 2-years-old is too young to make a big enough deal about it to seek speech therapy. If her vocabulary is growing and she can communicate well, she is probably learning just fine. I know that Josh didn't say anything until he was 2 1/2, and now he doesn't shut-up.


Nerdy Girl - January 18

My daughter (now 4) has always been freakishly verbal. Even now with the things she says and the complex words she uses, people cannot believe that she is only 4. She started talking early and was definitely speaking in sentences long before 2 years old. That said, my son at 13 months barely talks at all, still grunts like a caveman and points at things. I was wondering if something was wrong with him because my daughter already had a long list of words in her baby book by the time she was a year old. So I guess it's hard to say what "normal" is because I think that every kid is so very different. I think the examples the others mentions supports that as well.


BriannasMummy - January 18

I have to agree with all the other ladies. I really believe that children do things within their own sweet time. For instance my daughter was speaking very clearly with long sentences way before she was 2. She could even sing entire songs including every word at 18 months.. however.. my niece which is the same age (also a very intelligent little girl) didnt really start putting entire sentences together until 2 or 3 months after her second birthday. She had a very good grasp with her vocabulary.. she just didnt string the sentences together. I also have to agree with lauren, perhaps she is saying things like.. "want milk please".. or "want up mommy". Perhaps she isnt doing the exact adult conversation.. but she is doing 2 year old language. I wouldnt worry.. ive read a lot about your little girl from what you post.. and she seems like a very intelligent little girl.. it'll come! ~Kristin~


ash2 - January 18

Well honestly my DS didnt come out of his shell untill he went to a " mothers morning out " program at a local church. They have a school there , and he went 2 days a week . He would still talk on sentences, but he really bloomed after he got involved with other kids....Does she meet up with other kids, or go to a daycare center about once or twice a week for children interaction ? It might be something you could consider .


HannahBaby - January 18

Thanks for all the responses....but they only made me feel worse, almost all of your kids were great talkers before 2......I feel like im failing her as im the one who stays home with her all day.....maybe she would have been better off in a daycare setting a few days a week....


Steph - January 18

Hannahbaby, my daughter didn't go to any type of daycare when she was little. When I was in college, it was just her and my mom during the days and her and I at nighttime. I honeslty wouldn't worry about it too much. I know that it's easier said than done, but she's only 2....I also don't necessarily agree with doctors when the "tell" you what your child should be doing....cause if they have not reached said milestone, they feel as if they are not doing the right things for their children. ALL kids develop differently and have different personalities which has a huge effect on when they decide they feel like talking and how much they have to say. You didn't have any concerns about her before the two year old check did you?


Nerdy Girl - January 18

Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel worse!! I meant to show that my kids are like night and day - one great talker and one not so great talker. Seriously, I would not be surprised if my son is still not talking at 2. I have a nephew who did not talk until 3... Then one day just exploded verbally and was talking in full sentences.


San - January 18

Hannahbaby don't feel bad. Zoe turned 2 at the end of November and while she's talking, she isn't making 3 or more word sentences. So don't worry, if this is considered not "normal" you aren't the only one :)


cae - January 18

Nerdy Girl, I am a little concern about Ethan also, who will be a year old on Jan 26th. He only says Dadda dada dadda, and thats it. Im wondering also, if he is not going to speak until a later time. I guess everyone is different. It is also hard not to compare him to other children who are speaking more words than he is at his age.


dedaa - January 18

Hey HannahBaby- I went for my sons 12 month shots here and the nurse referred me to a speech therapist as well. Well I went to see this speech therapist last Friday and left extremely angry. First off my son is 14 months and is learning two languages at the same time I speak strictly english and my dh speaks only french to him so he does not really say anything besides mom and dad and hi. Well the lady told me that by 15 months he should be able to say a minimum of 25 words and by 18 months he is suppose to be able to say 200 words. I could not get over her and asked her about the fact that he is learning two languages but she just brushed me off. I am never going back to her again unless I am concerned. I regret going in the first place. She gave me stacks upon stacks of papers of things to help him talk more. She did say he is well in adavance in other areas but the speech thing just made my blood boil. Sorry as you can see im still a little mad from the whole ordeal or its just my hormones talking from being sick of being pregnant.lol I think every child does things when they are ready. I will never go to anything like that again unless I am concerned myself every other child i know around his age dont say much more then him. Just do what you feel is best for your child.



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