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HopefulK - September 26

Hi ladies, I wonder if you could help with a little question please. I've just had a lovely little boy, he's 7 months old and a joy, sleeping through and feeding well. I'm lucky I know, especially as he was 7 weeks premature. However, I'm 35 and my dh is 38 and I really want another baby next year. My hubby is not keen on the idea at all. To be fair to him I do understand his point, we've had a bad time on the baby front, we lost our daughter at 28 weeks and I have a heart shaped uterus (sorry tmi) so I'm likely to have another problematic pregnancy and I will defo go into preterm labour again. Hubby says we should count our blessings and enjoy our life with our boy, that having another one may be asking or trouble and neither of us could handle loosing another child. I agree but as one of 5, I'd hate for my boy's only sibling to be in heaven. I know he's a really good baby and I know another baby might be totally different, but hey they are only babies for a while. I kinda see this as a big deal for our marriage. So, how tough is it to have 2? We both work full time and have little family support. Advice and opinions would be gratefully recieved. Thanks. x


jodie - September 26

Hi hopefulk. I got preggo with #2 when my son was 11 months, so they are 20 months apart. I wouldn't have it any other way. My daughter is 10 weeks old now and things are going great. It was a little tough in the begining but I am lucky to have all my family close by. It's just nice to have a break once and awhile. I think my son was at a good age because he sort of understood what was going on, but still to you to be jealous. He is sooo helpful and he loves his little sister!!! The hardest part was being preggo and trying to chase a little toddler around ( he started walking at 10 mos). I say go for it!! Goodluck!!


kimberly - September 26

I just had my third and I will say it was much harder going from 2 to 3 then it was going from1 to 2 kids. It was an adjustment for a while, but honestly wasn't that hard. I think the first 6 weeks with any newborn no matter how many other kids you have is hard. The toughest part was having to split my time so my oldest didn't feel left out. I guess the real question for you should be can you handle another tough pregnancy and could you handle another bad outcome if god forbid it were to happen? If you could then I say go for it!!


HopefulK - September 26

Thanks ladies. My perspective is we should go for it. I always thought I'd only want one, especially after all our experiences, however, when I had an emergency c-section with our boy they almost had to take my womb away because I bled too much (not uncommon at 33 weeks), and I just kinda knew right then and there I wanted another baby. The feeling has not gone away and though I'm scared and I get it will be harder and we may well fall, I just kinda feel its right. It helps that I abso love being a mum to my boy. More advice please. ; 0 )


hthab - September 26

Hi Hopfulk. If your husband is absolutely against trying for another, have you considered adoption? It's amazing how fast the desire for a second one kicks in. I understand the feeling of wanting your baby to grow up with a sibling. I always think that if dh and I are unable to have a second, I want to adopt a baby, despite the horror stories we all hear about problems with it.



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