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jendean00 - April 15

For those of you that got pregnant with fertlity and have more than one child, did you have to do fertlity again to get pregnant? I got pregnant with DD after 4 years of trying and got pregnant with injectables, clomid and back to back IUI's. My DD will be turning 1 next month and we would like to start trying for baby number 2 in June or July. I am 31 and DH is 36 will turn 37 in June so we do not want to wait a long time. i am just curious if anyone has any expierences they would like to share. Thanks


CWeber - April 15

It took me 8yrs to get pregnant. We had tried Clomid briefly about 5yrs ago and when nothing happened I figured it wasn't meant to be. Lo and behold I got pregnant in 2006 and had a beautiful baby boy April '07. He is currently just over 1yr old and I am pregnant with baby #2 (15wks) basically as soon as I started cycling I got pregnant this time. So apparently once things are kick started they were kick started ;-)


MNMOM - April 16

It is quite common for things to be "kick-started" as CWeber said after your body gets pregnant once. My body failed to do this, and I had to use clomid for both of my pregnancies.


kimberly - April 16

Hi! I concieved my first fairly easily, it took 6 months. With my second I had secondary infertility. My cycles completely went away for almost 3 years, so naturally I wasn't ovulating. I took clomid for 3 cycles and got pregnant. So 4 years later when I wanted my third I figured it wouldn't work because I was having 50 day cycles and sometimes longer. I started charting my cycles for a whole year before ttc. And I concieved my dd on the first month we actually started to try. I was so shocked it happened so easily but it did. So sure you can sometimes get pregnant easily after fertility issues. There is also a woman on the August thread who is pregnant right now with #2 and she had lots of trouble the first time around and it only took her a couple of months this time.


catgiggles - April 16

I did not use any fertility drugs but it took us 6 1/2 years to get pregnant w/ ds. Now we have been trying again for 7 months w/ no luck yet..Good luck!


jendean00 - April 16

Thanks, I am hoping we do not have to do fertility again. I have a beautiful daughter and would love another one but if it is not meant to be its not meant to be. I had what they call undeterminded infertility which sucks because they did not know why I was not getting pregnant. Thanks for all the comments.



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