2nd Baby On The Way Cloth Diapers Anyone

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Patience2008 - July 18

Im wanting to do cloth diapers with my next baby due in 2 months. Im overwhelmed with all the choices and types. Anyone here use cloth diapers and have any suggestions for what type?


CgGirl - July 18

My dd is 2 months old and I have bought a package of bum genius 3.0 (one size) (they are sold by cotton babies) and I am very satisfied with them. THey are easy to wash and I bought around 25 I think. I didn't have any absorbency problem. You don't need to buy different sizes as they fit from like 7 pounds until 35 pounds or something like that. The only thing is, I didn't use them for the first 3 weeks mainly because of the cord (I wanted it to fall).


Rainbowbrite - July 18

This is probably a stupid question but can you get these at like Walmart or Target? stores like that? Or where do you get them at?


DDT - July 18

I have a 1.5 month old and decided to use cloth diapers with him. With ds1 I used disposables and now that he is 17 months and starting potty training cloth diapers will come in handy with that to. I just ordered some (after reading a lot of reviews its best to get 1 of each kind you think you may like because some diapers work for some but not all. For eg. My 17 month had fat thighs but a thin waist while my 1.5 month old is long and lean all around) I ordered Kissaluvs, Baby Kanga & Happy Heinys. The last two are one size fit all. I also want to get a Bum Genius 3.0 like CgGirl has mentioned but the store I order from were out of stock. I will give these a test run first and then try some others. I recommend one size fits all though because it will save you a ton of money.


DDT - July 18

You get them from online stores but some pre-folds you can get in stores like Sears.


DDT - July 18

Tip: I read a lot of reviews condenming the velcro fasteners. Apparently they don't have a lonf life-span while the snap system works better.


jodie - July 18

I used disposable with number one and I use FUzzi Bunz with my daughter. She is almost a year old now and I love them. They are super easy and wash great! I bought 18 of them and I usually do a load everyother day. They have the snap closers and are obviously adjustable. I bought mine at a place called Cozy Baby Boutique. It is local but I know she also sells them online at cozybabyboutiquedotcom. Goodluck!



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