2nd Month Vaccanations And Tylenol Infants Drops

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abercrombie08 - February 18

i was told that i should give my baby son tylenol before i go in for his shots so he isnt in so much pain...but on the package it says to ask a doctor if the child weighs below 24 pounds...so id like to know if anybody else has used this or if they have called their doctor and what they have said for administering an amount


18wbabynov - February 18

i did this, because i was talking to all the moms on this forum the day before the shots, and they all told me about the tylenol! then, the next day, the dr was like, "oh, yea, i forgot to tell you, but you should give her .6 tylenol before the shots!" so, yeah... my dr recommended a dose right in between the two lines on the tylenol droper (which is .6)


aurorabunny - February 18

This is just what my ped's office told me and it makes sense....don't give her the Tylenol until after she gets there and they take her temp. Because on the off chance that she just happened to have a fever, the Tylenol would bring it down and they wouldn't be able to tell and if they have a fever or are sick, they can't get their shots. At our 2 month appointment, I'm pretty sure my son got .4mls....but he's small, so it might be more for ya, I'm not sure. Hope it goes well!


punkin01 - February 18

call the peds office and ask with my son his pedi wanted me to wait like aurorabunny said but with my daughter (different pedi) he wants it given before ....so check with him/her first and it says on bottle dont give to child under 2 so you need to get the doesage from your pedi and it goes by weight not age because my 15 month old is 26 lbs and i think according to the bottle that is what a 2 yr old weighs ....so just check with them first and see what they want


punkin01 - February 18

oh and my DD pedi will give her a dose in the office like the 2 month time (which was her first time taking tylenol and he wanted to see her to ensure no reaction to it) and once when i was in a hurry and forgot to give her the dose before we left the house he gave her one when we got there so your may too


KLC - February 19

Yup, I would call your doc first because it goes by weight at this age. My ds also got .6 before his two month shots :)


spamanda - February 19

We didn't have any idea what ds weighed at his 2 mo. appointment. We bought the tylenol the night before, gave it to him at the appt. after he was weighed. (Good thing too, lol, we were off by almost a pound! Ds is HUGE!) Did the same thing for his 4 mo. shots. I would recommend waiting until you know his weight just because you don't want to mis-dose him. Good luck, hope he does well with the shots!


K - February 19

Our ped has had us bring tylenol to the office from the 2 month shots on up. She has us give it to dd after she examines her and before her shots. Then we are instructed to continue giving it to her every 4-6 hours for the next 24 hours.


AshleyB - February 19

I gave my ds (10wks) tylenol about 45minutes before I got there. The nurse asked if we brought some to give him after the shots and I told her I already gave him some and she said that was fine too. At 12lbs 7oz the correct dose for him was .4-.6 according to his weight. Be prepared to do some cuddling that day. I gave ds some juice right after his shots and it helped him recover pretty quickly and he pretty much slept the whole day after wards but was pretty crabby the two days following. I continued the tylenol for about 3 days after. They are intramuscular shots and their little legs must be super achey after wards if you think about it. Good luck.


Perl - February 19

I didn't give my ds his tylenol after his 2 month vaccinations until after we got home and he was fine just a little more sleepy and a little pain. You can give him the drops right after the shots in the Dr's office too.


MM - February 19

I fed my lo right after his shots & put the Tylenol in his bottle.


shelly22 - February 19

PLEASE, don't give your baby tylenol before his shots!! Most docs will tell you not to. Like someone else said, if your lo has the slightest feaver the tylenol will bring it down. Then when the doc looks over your child to make sure they're not sick, they think that they're well when they might not be. Adverse reactions may happen when you're lo is sick, do some research on it, you'll find lots!



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