2nd Preg After C Section

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amyh - February 27

I had to have a c-section first time around and just found out that I am expecting number 2 in October. Anyone have a VBAC? Another C-section? I am already afraid of what will come. I had a great experience with the c-section, but hated the feeling of a spinal block. And, then there is the recovery- i will have a 20 month old to deal with....just want to hear some peoplê's stories.


Nerdy Girl - February 27

Talk to your doc about plans to manage your scar tissue if you have repeat C. They did not manage mine properly and my new closure didn't "take." It had to heal from the inside out and took 7 weeks. The plastic surgeon I met with told me that they should have excised out my old scar tissue and they did not.


ry - February 27

Hi amyh, I have the same concerns as you. I hope to have a vbac and I wonder how you can take care of two babies (or a baby and a toddler) after a c section...I cant imagine!


HannahBaby - February 27

After working on a maternity floor that did do VBACS i decided that when i have another baby I will go with the repeact section. There are too many risks (including uterine rupture, ESPICALLY IF YOU DONT WAIT THE FULL YEAR BEFORE BECOMING PREGNANT AGAIN) to you and the baby. I had a v____al birth then a cestion in october. My daughter was 22 months when my son was born and I really didnt have any problems with the recovery and having a toddler. talk to your doctor and make a good informed desicion that you feel comfortable with


sahmof3 - February 27

I've had three c-sections. There are 3 1/2 years b/w my 1st and 2nd and 17 months b/w my 2nd and 3rd. My first was with an epidural (after a long labor), 2nd was scheduled and I had a spinal and 3rd was under general anesthesia. I didn't have the choice for a VBAC, so my younger two were scheduled c-sections. I had quite a bit of pain after all of my c-sections, although the last two were easier because they didn't follow a long, hard labor. I would say keep up with your pain meds, especially if you had significant apin the first time around. I think my 3rd recovery could have been better if I wouldn't have let myself get so busy with the older two and forget to take my pain meds on time!


missy - February 27

I had to have 2 c-sections and the second time around was alot easier recovery wise! My mom took a week off to help with my 4 year old and then dh also took a week off so that made it easier also!!!


olivia - February 27

I had the option to vbac and my kids are only 15 months apart. I decided to do a repeat section when all was said and done. The doctor's were not to supportive of a vbac though they offered it, and my husband was very afraid of all the labor again and the fear of another emergency repeat section. The planned c-section was a million times better than the emergency and overall I was happy I did it. The four days in the hospital were very nice, I got to spend time with my son that I probably will never have alone with him again. My dd came in with dh to visit before she went to bed at night. it was nice, the recovery was fairly easy. I did get a spinal headache and they did have to do the blood patch, but hopefully that would not happen to you! If you are confident and your doctors are confident go ahead and try the vbac. The chances of uterine rupture are very small, even with proximity of your pregnancies.


torbman - February 27

Amyh, I had two successful VBAC's after my first which was an emergency c-section. The diff between my first and second were 3 years and with the third was 8 years after that. Between the two I would rather have naturally then c-section. There are risks and I think would be more likely depending on how close. Mine went well but also was 3 years after the c-section. Talk to your Doctor about the risks and about how well you healed the first time and so on.


torbman - February 27

Sorry I also wanted to say that some Doctors don't like to do them in certain areas because of the risks and because I believe the insurance for them are way higher, so part risk part insurance.



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