2nd Time Mom When Do You First Feed Rice Cereal

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suze42 - October 3

I introduced it to my son kinda young...at 3 mos... Now my DD is really wanting to be fed ALOT ....like every 2 hrs...she does fine thru the night so its not like i want her to sleep longer...i just want jer to feel satiated... When do you all first introduce...im just thinking like an ounce or two..once aday...nothing huge? thx


DDT - October 3

I started my ds on rice cereal at 4.5 months old. He would only take 2-4 spoonfuls for the first 2-3 weeks. Then after 3 weeks I introduced oat cereal with 1 tbsp fruit. He enjoyed that much better and started eating 4-5 tbsp a day.


wailing - October 3

Our Dr. told us to wait until 5 months. I can't wait to get started:-)


krnj - October 4

Suze, it's funny you posted this question! I was thinking about giving cereal to Tyler when he's 3 &1/2 months. WHich is in a few weeks. I started Christian at around the same time & he's fine. I'll probably give it to him before bedtime. He slept a whole 4 hours last night which is a little better but not great! lol How is Natalie sleeping?


MNMOM - October 4

The recommendation now is to wait until 6 months before introducing cereal or other solids.


pebblesnbambam - October 4

Hello. I also introduced to my son at like 3 months.. couldn't wait. With my dd I just started last week... she is 19 weeks old. She is NOT sleeping through the night so I give her some rice cereal in the evenings... not a whole lot and she stops when she is satisfied. SHE LOVES IT... it has not helped her sleep through the night much better but she is not rooting for my b___st as much in the evenings! Good luck! I don't plan to introduce anything else until around the 6 month mark and don't intend on increasing her feedings until that point either. One small amount in the evenings when we eat. She grabs the spoon already and the other day was doing a good job of getting it to her mouth even!


MNMOM - October 4

6 months does seem like an awfully long time to wait. with my first son, the dr said between 4 and 6 months. we started right at 4. Not sure how long I can hold this time time around, maybe 5 months is a compromise ?


suze42 - October 4

thx for then info...i also do not want to increase or introduce any fruit until later...ijust want her to feel fuller. 6 mos does seem long...i know w/ds i couldnt wait..and he did fine at 3mos. I think i will try in a few weeks.


aliciavr6 - October 4

I tried to give my dd (4 months) cereal the other day and she screamed. haha. Did not like it at all. Guess I'll wait til 5 months.


DB - October 4

Between 4-6 months is best. We started rice cereal at 4.5 months old mainly for my dd's reflux (nothing to do with sleeping or frequency of nursing), but she did good with it...really got into it when we started oatmeal though. At 5 months we started with veggies. She got her first fruits at 6 months old.



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