35 And Over NOVEMBER MOMMIES Thread Starting 1 23

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christa0120 - January 23

Hey ladies...I thought the other thread was too long now so thought I would start a new one. I had my check up...all clear for work. I start back again tomorrow. I almost am looking forward to it. My mom will watch the kids (she said for 1 year) I hope to atleast get through the summer, it will help a lot. Ryan goes in for his 2 month check up and shots next Tuesday. He is now starting to get much easier...well for my kids anyway...LOL. We started following "The Happiest Baby on the Block" routine which is mostly just swaddling and swinging...it is working wonders. Hope to hear how everyone is doing.


christa0120 - January 23

BUMP to keep it on top of my b___boo thread


christa0120 - January 25

Hi Girls...PERL and ANNA, I noticed you posted on our other thread(s)...Thought I could bump this one to the top of the list again.......I started work yesterday. The day went as well as could be expected. I felt like the new girl LOL, couldn't seem to find my rhythm. I am sure it will come back soon. I also had to pump times while I was there...felt WEIRD!!! Well I have a headache and staring at this screen isn't helping. Take Care,


Kristin72 - January 26

HI GIRLS!!! Sorry for the MIA. I am doing great..well... better now. Had a D&C last Friday. Was bleeding and pa__sing clots until the I had the surgery ( for 7 weeks straight) Have been trying to figure out the motherhood thing. Am finally getting the hang of things. Saw the lactation specialist on Thursday of last week before my surgery. Was informed about so many things with b___st feeding..eventhough I thought I knew what I was doing..I learned so much more. I am truly sorry I have not kept in touch..I just did not have the energy to log in at all..even now little Zoe is on my lap b___stfeeding and cooing. I miss you all and I have to get caught up on this thread...hope you are all doing just great with your little ones..all the best!!! I am loving motherhood to death..it is the best!!!will log in again VERY soon!! XOXO Kristin and Zoe.


christa0120 - January 26

bump....PERL, I saw that Pete is backed up? Ryan went twp full days without pooping too. But has since made up for it!!!. Hope he poops soon


christa0120 - January 27

OK girls,COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE...MEL? PERL? ANNA? SOON? Kristen?......I am getting so lonely here all by myself


christa0120 - January 28

< singing > I AM SO SAD AND LONELY...


Perl - January 29

I'm here. Sleep deprived. Pete has his night and day mixed up thanks to our trip to Arizona. The motion and activities I did during the day put him to sleep and kept him up and night and now I'm desperately trying to reverse his schedule. The Zantac seems to be agreeing with him but he's on his 4th day with no poop. I think this is normal for b___stfed baby, I've heard it and read it in several sources but will be calling the Dr anyway tomorrow to be sure. Is everyone else but me sleeping through the night already?


christa0120 - January 29

PERL!!!!...........NICE TO SEE YOU!! LOL....Ryan does not sleep through the night either but it is getting better. He goes down for good at 10 pm ( cant wait until that gets earlier!!!) wakes about 1 or 2 am for a quick 2 oz or so, then at 4 or 5 am for the same. We bought one of those "SWADDLE ME" blankets and we are getting better sleep. I wonder how long her will need to be swaddled? Gotta run BBL


annabanana - January 29

Hi girls how are you. I guess I will join the band wagon with Christa and Perl because NIcolas does not sleep either, every 3 hours or 4 hours for his milk 24 hours a day. I went MIL yesterday and she dipped her finger in cake and put in baby's mouth. I said no dont do that but too late, I was mad and my husband says its just a dab of sugar dont be paranoid. I dont care!!!! Am I being to protective I dont think so. MIl starting laughing and said he likes it, I opened NIcolas mouth and took some icing out. She really gets on my nerves. So here in Toronto its -15 and freezing!! Talk to you guys soon!!


annabanana - January 29

by the way what is a swaddle blanket and where can I get one?


soon2bemomof3 - January 29

hello girls, i'm here. don't feel bad, Julian doesn't sleep well either, goes to sleep around 10pm up around 1:30-2am then up again around 5 or 6am. He seems to be doing much better as far as weight goes, his face is getting a little fatter (his cheeks and double chin) are just adorable. Well I'm at work so gotta get going, take care.


Kristin72 - January 29

Well, I didn't get the welcome back I thought i might..oh well. I haven't even spoken to any of you since i had my baby. I guess my MIA was not even noticed. Anyway, I had a VERY difficult delivery and my postpartum had been so difficult for me health wise..I just can't find the time to do a thing..literally. My baby cluster feeds in the evening..she is an on demand feeder often feeding every hour my feedings seem to mesh into one another. I take her for her 8 week immunizations on the 31st. Anyone have any advice for me and baby with regard to her shots? talk to you all later..hopefully.


MellyMel - January 29

Welcome back Kristin! I didn't see your post until now. I haven't been on since you posted if you look. I'm glad that you are doing better now. I didn't know you had a D&C? Why were you bleeding so much? I'm glad little Zoe is doing good and cooing up a storm like all of ours are. ***Perl~I'm glad to hear that the Zantac is working for Peter. I've heard that if they don't have a poop within 3 days that you should usually contact the pediatrician. Maybe if he hasn't gone by now you should call, but then again, I'm not sure about the b___stfeeding thing because I don't, so I guess it could be normal?? ***Anna, nice to hear from you to. Do you generally like your MIL or do you not have a good relationship with her? I don't think you are being overprotective one bit. It's your son and they should respect your feelings. I know personally that really wouldn't have bothered me too much, but that's just me. I actually let Aubrey lick some Cracker Barrel cheese the other night. LOL. She liked it. Of course I would never GIVE her any. LOL. I'm glad to hear that NIcolas is doing good, but none of the babies seem to be sleeping. I think mine is the only one. She slept from 10:00 last night until 5:30 this morning. She has been sleeping 6-8 hours through the night for us. :) I guess I am very lucky!! ***Soon, that's great great Julian is gaining some weight!! Are you b___stfeeding, I forget? We seem to have eliminated that mid morning bottle, thank GOD!! She sleeps great on her belly. I think if it wasn't for that than maybe she wouldn't sleep so long either like the other babies. She loves her belly though :) Christa~You are still swaddling? Wow. Anyone else?? I stopped swaddling Aubrey around 2 weeks I think. I hear it helps some babies sleep better longer though. How's work going for you? Good luck on the shots tomorrow. Give Ryan some Tylenol before you go. I forgot with Aubrey and wish I did so in advance, because she was freakin miserable!! She was SO FUSSY and she slept much more than normal, which is all normal they say with their shots. ***Kristin~Same advice to you. Give Zoe some Tylenol beforehand. Aubrey didn't get a fever, but I think the injection site hurt her, because every time I changed her pamper she screamed and I didn't realize that when you move their leg that they can get pain in the muscle that the injection was shot in. My poor baby. I wish I gave her the Tylenol ahead of time. I always did with Jacob. I just forgot this time. I was busy rushing. I'm glad you are better too Kristen and sorry you had such a miserable post partum. Mine was no walk in the park either. I had Post partum really bad and PPOCD REALLY bad, but have been better with my medication now, thank GOD!! Well, I have an interview Thursday girls. Wish me luck!! I really need this job. It sounds great and is literally down the street from me and where Aubrey will be going for daycare. Talk later...xoxo


soon2bemomof3 - January 29

****HEY KRISTIN so sorry I didn't notice your post at all. I only posted today to respond to TODAYS posts. I only read at work so I skip through REALLY FAST. SORRRRRRY!!!! :( I'm glad you're doing better, so sorry to hear how bad your postpartum was. Mine wasn't bad physically but mentally it was, I was severely depressed for awhile there. Again, please keep posting, it just gets so hectic sometimes you know.


annabanana - January 29

Kristen we have all been asking for you!! how are you?? join the club with all questions for our newborns. Mel your funny because No I dont like my MIL at all and mabe that is why I am so picky.LOl.. Soontobe how are you feeling?? Christa and Mel I dont want to sound stupid but was it a swaddle blanket and is swaddling kind of like rocking baby back and forth. just wondering


Perl - January 29

My posts aren't getting on! ***Christa: I don't have a swaddle blanket but I have to wrap a blanket around Pete and then tuck another blanket under his b___t because he kicks so much and when he's completely uncovered he gets cold and starts to cry. I also put his head kinda near the corner of the ba__sinet or crib so he feels closed in--it works for me too! ****SOON & CHRISTA: those are pretty good night feeding schedules you have. Waking at 1 and 4 or 5 sounds great to me! I desperately need a consistent (but not rigid) schedule. ***ANNA: what your MIL did would have upset me too! She should know better and even if there's no harm done, it should be your choice whether or not to let your baby sample something other than formula or b___stmilk (whichever you use). My stupid SIL put her index finger in Pete's mouth to soothe his crying as I was looking for his binky. She had just been petting the dog and eating spicy greasy finger foods--yuck! No harm and no food on her finger but I am a germophobe with Lysol in every room and Purell in my purse and car and desk. I felt like sticking my fist in her mouth. Why do some people think it's okay to do whatever they want? ***KRISTIN: welcome back!! Sorry to hear postpartum has been difficult and that a d & c was necessary. Are you okay now? About shots. . . Tylenol beforehand or right after the shots (before baby falls asleep) would probably be a really good idea. It helps with pain and help with my little Pete's fever. Feeding baby beforehand would be good too since baby probably will get sleepy and sleep through her next feeding. ***MEL: my Dr. has told me about 5 times now that "babies need to sleep on their back" Is your dr. advising you differently or are you ignoring? I heard that babies do sleep a deeper sleep on their tummies though. Lots of luck on your interview!!



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