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Perl - January 29

My posts aren't getting on! ***Christa: I don't have a swaddle blanket but I have to wrap a blanket around Pete and then tuck another blanket under his b___t because he kicks so much and when he's completely uncovered he gets cold and starts to cry. I also put his head kinda near the corner of the ba__sinet or crib so he feels closed in--it works for me too! ****SOON & CHRISTA: those are pretty good night feeding schedules you have. Waking at 1 and 4 or 5 sounds great to me! I desperately need a consistent (but not rigid) schedule. ***ANNA: what your MIL did would have upset me too! She should know better and even if there's no harm done, it should be your choice whether or not to let your baby sample something other than formula or b___stmilk (whichever you use). My stupid SIL put her index finger in Pete's mouth to soothe his crying as I was looking for his binky. She had just been petting the dog and eating spicy greasy finger foods--yuck! No harm and no food on her finger but I am a germophobe with Lysol in every room and Purell in my purse and car and desk. I felt like sticking my fist in her mouth. Why do some people think it's okay to do whatever they want? ***KRISTIN: welcome back!! Sorry to hear postpartum has been difficult and that a d & c was necessary. Are you okay now? About shots. . . Tylenol beforehand or right after the shots (before baby falls asleep) would probably be a really good idea. It helps with pain and help with my little Pete's fever. Feeding baby beforehand would be good too since baby probably will get sleepy and sleep through her next feeding. ***MEL: my Dr. has told me about 5 times now that "babies need to sleep on their back" Is your dr. advising you differently or are you ignoring? I heard that babies do sleep a deeper sleep on their tummies though. Lots of luck on your interview!!


Perl - January 29

Whew! Something is up but it Looks like it worked that time since I now see my reply posted.


annabanana - January 29

perl thanks I feel better now I would of freaked too if that was my sil, I think your posts did not get on because Christa had another thread but we cut that thread out and it looks like this thread talk to you guys soon


annabanana - January 29

perl, christa, mel, soontobe, kristen have you guys gone back to prepregnancy weight yet. I gained 50 and lost 30 so I have another 20 to go, is anyone losing?


christa0120 - January 29

Hiya girls...nice to see we all (almost) have come back...welcome back KRISTEN!!! I did see your post earlier but didn't have time to respond and then the time seemed to slip by...please don't take it personally.And we did miss you and asked about you...see if you can find our older thread...you'll see!! Sorry you were also having PP problems with bleeding and needing the D&C that had to suck. MEL...good luck on your interview tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you. (read about swaddling below)ANNA...the swaddle blanket is made by KIDDOPOTOMUS and is called "SWADDLE ME". You can get it online or at Babies/Toys R Us. SOON, glad to hear Julian is gaining weight...very good sign. I think my son is going to miss his fussy time as I have him asleep already WOOHOO...no b___hy session (yet) for tonight!!!!!!....yaysee you after tomorrows appt.


christa0120 - January 30

re: swaddling. I read (some) of the book "HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK" It recommends swaddling and other things to soothe a fussy baby and it has worked with Ryan. We are getting some more sleep and he calms much easier. I just wonder now how we will get him off of swaddling....I will discuss those things with our ped. today.


soon2bemomof3 - January 30

good morning everyone! wow, i'm tired. not becuz of Julian either. my 2 y/o kept waking up saying she was scared so i finally put her in bed with my dh. ughhh. ***Kristin: come back to us!!!! ***Anna: yes i'm pretty much back to prepregnancy weight. But I'm 5' tall and weight 95 lbs. and normally I lose the weight really really fast, fast metabolism. *** Perl: sorry Pete is mixing up his sleeping time. My 2 y/o went through that but it only lasted a few weeks so theres hope for ya. well I'm at work as usual. gotta get going. take care.


Kristin72 - January 30

GIRLS!!!! Hi :))))) Now that's a reception! I am feeling so much better these last few days..thank Gawd. I have lost most of my weight from this pregnancy..my tummy is still mushy though. I gained 32 lbs and lost 30 after 1 week..i was shocked by this..however, i am up about 5 lbs again..now that my appet_te is back. i am not back at the gym...i may start that in middle of Feb or so if i can find someone to watch the baby. ~~I read that book about the happiest baby on the block--and the 5 "S's" Swaddling definitely helps...I have a swaddle me blankie too..the only thing is she is already growing out of it. Mel~thanks for the advice about the tylenol before her shots i may try that. with regard to my D&C..ya i had another one...i was bleeding heavy for 7 1/2 weeks, pa__sing clots and hemmoraging..i was in emerg 3 times..my A-hole OB was no where to be found ..finally 3 ultrasounds later and the removal of a 4.6 cm piece of placenta i am now on the road to recovery. I am just p__sed it went on so long. I was so worn down from my blood loss..my iron was low as was my hemoglobin I could hardly even speak nevermind look after and b___st feed my baby. I did perservere however and i feel much much better..thanks girls! I can now focus on my day and night shift with the baby..and yes she is a demanding little pooper. cluster feeding in the evenings and awakeing 2-3 times a night..but hey that's ok she is a doll with a full head of dk.brown hair. She had bluish grey eyes for now but i know that will most likely change. she is super long and is nearing 10lbs now i will find out her weight tomorrow. Will let you know how her shots went. I am currently taking her to a GP but have an app with a new pediatrician next friday. Talk to you all soon..so happy everyone is doing great!!!!!Keep up the great work ladies!!


christa0120 - January 30

OK back from our appt...Ryan weighs 12lbs 1oz and is 22.5" long...55% for weight, 30% for height. He is already bigger then his big brother was and big brother is a giant now. (Dad is 6'7 300lbs so I expect big boys)...Shots went as expected and he is sleeping in his swing all swaddled up. Tylenol is down the hatch as well. I hope he sleeps well today and I am sure I wll be checking on him all night to make sure all is well. Ta Ta for now.


christa0120 - January 30

oh my poor little guy is so uncomfortable....


annabanana - January 31

Kristen thank God your okay. that is serious about the placenta still inside of you, that would be a lawsuit it happened to my cousin and she almost died. I cant believe it , they must check the placenta fully when it is delivered. what a bunch of aaa holessss


Perl - January 31

Just came back from pediatrician's office. Pete's weight today was 13 lbs, and 23 1/2 inches. Little Peter went 7 days without any poop and FINALLY early this morning he had a major b__wout. Dr. said it's perfectly normal for a b___stfed baby his age (yaay another benefit to b___stfeeding). Peter will probably only poop about every 5 days now until he starts eating solids in about 3 more months. He said one of his patients even went as far as 13 days without poop. That would freak me out but I guess it's alright. Dr. still likes to check the tummy after 7 days though. He mentioned that Zantac comes in B___terscotch flavor but I may have to pay more for it at the pharmacy which I think is ridiculous but whatever helps because Pete has learned how to spit out his Zantac as soon as I turn my back on him I hear him spit---little sneaky guy. ****CHRISTA: is little Ryan doing better today? ***KRISTIN: how did Zoe react to her shots? Not too badly I hope. ***ANNA: I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy, lost 25 and still have 5 to go plus there's the 10 I gained the month before I got pregnant (I took the bar exam that month and was really stressed out) so my goal is to lose 15 pounds now but mostly to tone up. I have to get back to the gym soon!! ***SOON: What is going on with your 2 year old? Why the fear do you think she's craving attention? *** MEL: my fingers are crossed for your interview tomorrow. Knock em dead!


Kristin72 - January 31

Hi Girls!! Zoe had her shots today..I got a great tip from a friend who told me to b___stfeed her while she is getting the shots. This worked wonders and her scream was only very temporary on both legs as she had a b___b stuffed down her throat. It was only a minor disruption for her..I think more traumatic for me..the needle length seemed bigger than the width of her leg. I gave her .5 mg of tylenol which they gave me as a sample at the office and brought her home. She is 10lbs 4 0z...she is long. Can't remember her length but will post that later. So Perl that is how her shots went and.. thanks for asking. Anna~I guess with the placenta piece remaining..it can happen :( I don't blame them for having it remain..but I am just p__sed it took my OB 7 1/2 weeks to figure I should have a D&C to get it out. My OB was nowhere to be found over Christmas and I didn't know what to do when I was hemmoraging I was in emerg 3 times for this..what a friggin waste of time...I am just glad the bleeding is behind me now..finally. I can finally have a bit of my life back..well not really, but I'm trying. Zoe is napping as we speak..I am going to attempt to make some dinner now. Oh and P.S. Perl~with regard to your baby not having a bowel movement for a few days. If you are supplementing with formula this tends to bung up the babies because we are going back and forth between b___stmilk and formula. I find Zoe is quite regular except for the evenings I give her formula which is not that often..the last time I gave it to her she didn't poop for couple of days and then had a MAJOR b__wout. The babies cannot digest the formula as well as the b___stmilk especially when it is only supplemented some of the time. (I supplement with formula sometimes in the evenings. Have a great night ladies..talk to you soon !!


Perl - February 1

Hooray for Zoe and getting through her first shots!! Smart to b___stfeed during. ****Little Pete was up at 2 am AGAIN this morning. Acid reflux is better but still causing some problems. I have to burp him frequently or else things can get messy. ****KRISTIN: you're right in that b___stfeed babies aren't as likely to get constipated but since you're b___stfeeding too you should know I was told that at a certain point (around 3 or 4 months old) a baby's growing body efficiently absorbs all of the b___stmilk and its nutrients so bowel movements can be less frequent but it's not constipation as long as the bowel movements are mushy & soft. Pete's pediatrician told me to expect him to poop about once every 5 days from here on out until he starts eating solids in a few months. I only supplement in the evening (4 ounces of formula) because that's when dh takes over for a few hours and I don't usually have any extra b___stmilk in the fridge. ****I'm waiting for updates from everyone else too. . .


christa0120 - February 1

Perl...Peter sounds like he is growing like a weed. KRISTEN...smart on the BF'ing.................We just started giving Ryan some formula and with just the 2 ish ounces he gets his stool have firmed up quite a bit. He seems to being som ething new the laqst couple of days....He is eating much longer at night, stayed on the b___b for almost 45 minutes...I wonder if he is going to start sleeping through the nights...I can only hope...good night ladies


Perl - February 2

Like a weed indeed! And again I was up at 2 AM this morning. This kid has an internal alarm clock that is so punctual. I nearly lost my mind and my patience this morning when once again it looked like he wanted to play until 4am. I tagged my dh at 3 am and told him to deal with it this morning because I needed to sleep. I've different approaches each evening the last 4 days but I don't know how to fix this nasty habit of waking at 2 am. I don't mind waking up to feed that's a given but I'm not going to stay up for 2 hours and talk and play.



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