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MellyMel - March 3

I thought I would start a new thread, as the January one is waaaaaay to long. Christa, do your damn job woman!!!! LOL :)~


MellyMel - March 3

Perl~How is Peter doing with his reflux? Did he ever have the upper G.I.? Kristin~No more kids for me!! My hubby is getting his vasectomy in two weeks! I can't wait. The stress of accidentally getting pregnant wears me down, so snip snip soon. I think me, Soon and Christa are the only ones that are done baby making. Anna~ You want another one soon too? Soon~How is Julian? Did you wind up getting a lot of snow??Perl~I can't believe your doctor told you that you should never get pregnant again!! Listen to your ob/gyn. You will just be considered "high risk", but I don't see any reason for you not to get pregnant again. Is the Zantac working now that you have increased his dose?? I can't believe he is 16 lbs.!! I think Aubrey is like maybe 13. I wish you could get on the MSN site. It is really great and we all have our pic's posted. Have you tried again recently?


MellyMel - March 3

I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying my job. The attorney I work for is such a wonderful sweet man and I am so lucky!! He is always cheerful and joking and is so laid back. It really makes working there pleasant. :) The only thing is I am overwhelmed a bit, but I think after a few more weeks, I will be better. It's nice being out in the work world again. Jacob is doing so much better with Aubrey now and I think it's because she's getting older and is more fun. He looks so cute when he talks and plays with her and she looks at him with such admiration in her big blue eyes; it just melts my heart. I can't wait until she's walking and playing even more. Right now we still have to amuse her ourselves. LOL. Is anyone's baby rolling over yet?? She has her 4 mo. appt. on April 2 (she will be 4 mo's 3/16) and will be getting her shots then too. I think at that appointment he will tell me it's o.k. to start her on cereal. I looked it up on the American Academy of Pediatrics website and its says infants should not be fed cereal until they are at least 4 mo's old because they can get bad gas, cramping, etc. and their bellies are too little to digest it just yet and here one of my friends have had her baby on it since she was 5 weeks old!! HELLO!! Needless to say, she has had more stomach issues and is wondering why, derrrrr. Also, I didn't know adding it to the bottle was a chocking hazard?? A lot of people put cereal in bottles don't they?? Well, off to eat supper. Will visit again when I can..xo


Perl - March 5

Hi Mel and everyone! Peter is now up to 3 mls of zantac and doing better but he still wakes up choking or coughing sometimes. He's crying now so I'll come back later and finish my post. : )


Perl - March 5

ANNA: I just recently started putting Peter to sleep in his ba__sinet next to my side of the bed--we all sleep better this way. Also, lots of mothers have told me that it's difficult to get a child to sleep alone if they are to used to sleeping in bed with the parents and I didn't want to deal with that later on so off to his own ba__sinet he went. Also Peter sleeps in his swing which has a great incline to help his reflux or in his crib during daytime naps. Are you planning to co-sleep with Nicolas indefinitely? My sister did co-sleep with her twins until they were 2--wow! She said it was the only way to get them to sleep. I say whatever works for the whole family is good. ***MEL: Good to hear you're liking your job. What a rarity to find a wonderfual and sweet attorney. : ) Is Aubrey rolling over? Peter hates tummy time. He cries and moves counterclockwise and almost rolled from his tummy to his back but only manages to get onto his side. Peter did not get the upper GI done. We're trying increased dosing on Zantac first then Prevacid if Zantac doesn't work and if Prevacid doesn't work then off to the GI test we go. About cereal, I tried giving Peter rice cereal for about a week to see if it would help reduce the spitting and help him during his super-hungry, non-sleeping phase. His pedi said he likes to wait until the 6 months mark if possible to start babies on cereal. Anyway, I noticed the rice cereal made Peter very ga__sy and he slept restlessly and very few hours. ***KRISTIN: Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, I did get pre-E near the end of my pregnancy. It was a very quick (immediate) decision by the Dr. on call at the hospital that my c-section be switched from the 16th to the 7th of November. They even had me on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures and to this day I'm still having issues with my liver that my Dr. says are issues related to the pre-eclampsia. It is a tough decision to make whether to go ahead with another pregnancy and upsetting too.****SOON: have they opened those interstates yet? I hope for your sake that you don't need to get on the interstates to get to your routine places (like Doctors or stores). I hope you don't have any power outages and have what you need in the house. *** How's it going with everyone else?? Where's Christa?


Perl - March 5

KRISTIN: Yes, I'm still supplementing with formula so that my dh can bond with and feed Peter in the evening and I rest for 2 to 3 hours alone in my bedroom and give my b___sts get a bit of a rest for the busy night ahead. About your MIL pushing bottles of formula. I get the same with my in-laws. MY MIL and sisters in law did not b___stfeed either so they just don't understand. Sometimes I leave Pete with them and they give him more formula that I asked them to. I try to keep it to a minimum but have to supplement because my milk supply has never been overflowing. You asked about pumps- I've been using a Medela "Pump In Style" double pump--it has worked well for me. About crying it out. . .I can't do that although I've been tempted to when he's wide awake from 11pm to 4 am. Instead, I wake him from his too long naps in the day and let him cry until he's wide awake (about 3 minutes) that way by the time night time comes he's too sleepy to wake up for anything else but feedings. So far, knock on wood, this has worked for the past 4 nights. He's still trying to sleep all day though so I need to keep working at changing his schedule. Do you think Zoe is maybe sleeping too much during the day and that is why she won't fall asleep on her own?


Hopeful and excited - March 5

Hello all! Remember me? Hope you're all well - I'm exhausted (in my 8th month now!!!) Sorry to b___t in on your thread here but I have a question that you may be able to answer............ I'm planning on b___stfeeding but am confused about the whole issue of sterilising. What have you found is the best way - I'm trying to look for the cheapest and most "natural" option while not losing out on "efficiency". Whatever info or advice you have will be greatly appreciated. Must go to sleep now (very late here!!) but I hope everything is going great with you and your babies. TTYL XOXOXOX


soon2bemomof3 - March 5

hello everyone. Well we got a huge blizzard on thursday, friday and part of saturday. Interstates were shut down and everything. Our power went off a few times on thursday but other than that we were ok. We ended up missing our concert in des moines on friday cuz of the weather but had some friends over to play poker and drink a little (LOL, or alot). Kids were at grandmas overnight so i overinduldged...lol. Took Julian to his ENT appt. today but really nothing new to report, he should outgrow the Laryngomalacia by the time he's one. I hope so!!! Well getting ready to call it quits at work so gotta get going. I'll post more tomorrow. Have a great one.


MellyMel - March 5

Aubrey will be 4 mo's next Friday. She is still only drinking 4-5 oz. Anyone else's baby only drinking this much or are they up higher by now?? Also Perl, she is not rolling yet. She pretzels her body almost as a roll, but hasn't yet. LOL. Also, does anyone's baby constantly suck on their fist or just Aubrey and why she is doing it is beyond me.


Perl - March 5

Welcome back Hopeful!! I was hoping we would hear from you here soon and here you are in the final stretch of your pregnancy already. I'm soooo excited for you! Are you asking about sterilizing bottles and nipples?? So you'll be bottling expressed b___stmilk? Before first use I sterilized all bottles and nipples and b___st pump parts by boiling water and then placing everything in the boiled water for a few (less than 5 minutes). Thereafter everything gets washed by hand or put in the dishwasher. Please don't be a stranger come chat with us more often if you can.****SOON: So glad to hear Julian has come this far with good progess. Sounds like he may be in the clear very soon! Blizzard?!! Brrrrrr. Is this something you're used to? *****MEL: Peter sucks his fists too. It's the funniest thing. Not his thumb or a finger but his entire fist. Also, when I pump I get about 3 oz of b___stmilk so I figure that Peter is getting 3-4 oz when he nurses (like a barracuda!). He gets about 4 oz of formula too whenever we supplement one of his night feedings. But some days (like today) he wants to be feed every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. When that happens we give him 4 oz then 2-3 oz at the next feeding so he doesn't overstuff himself to the point of vomiting.


Kristin72 - March 6

Hi Girls~~Perl, I don't think Zoe is sleeping too much during the day. I almost think the opposite. She does not have big naps in the day if I am lucky she will have two naps. Sometimes she does not sleep at all..just tiny cat naps. I really have to figure out how she can sleep longer at night. Hopeful~like Perl I wash my bottles/nipples by hand then I put them in my sterilizer..and hang them to dry in a little drying stand I bought. (Is that what you are talking about? As far as pumping goes it is usually best to pump after feeding your baby. That way you will empty out your milk. Put each amount of pumped milk in fridge and then once cooled add them together and either freeze in ziplocks double bagged or whatever storage method you chose. I saw on tv a ladie who had 2oz bottles in bulk and froze them that way. I'd like to get my hand on some of those little bottles. oops got to go baby calling..be back later!!


Perl - March 6

Bumping for Anna. Wow the chatty girls sure do keep this board moving quickly!


Kristin72 - March 6



Kristin72 - March 7



Perl - March 7

YOOO HOOO! Is anyone out there?? Kristin and I would like to know.


christa0120 - March 7

i am still here but have been very busy and very sick...too pooped...be back when i am better


Perl - March 8

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon Christa! ****I'm happy to report that Peter has slept 10-12 hours AT NIGHT for the last 5 nights!!! Now I can go back to living a somewhat normal life. Also the reflux seems to have gotten better. He's probably sleeping better because the reflux is better I'm just happy that he is sleeping at night.



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