3 5 Mo Old Hates Shopping

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MelodyB - July 15

Hi there, my son is 15 weeks old and is usually a bright, happy baby when we're at home. I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that he will scream his head off anytime we go to the store. I usually have him in his car seat on the basket and he plays with his toys. But now, he's not having it. He just screams loud and louder. My mom and sisters tell me to let him cry it out and he'll adapt. Well, I tried that and he just got more angry and more worked up. Not to mention, everytime I go to the store everyone stares at me and has to make either rude or cruel remarks to me. So, I have to carry him throughout the store and my friend has to grab food for me and push the cart. By the end of it, I am near tears as well. I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions cuz grocery shopping is really stressful for me now.


shannan - July 15

Hi Melody, My ds is 7 weeks and does not enjoy shopping either. What we have found works is using a pacifier when he starts getting fussy. Also, I bring a blanket to put over him b/c I think a lot of stores keep it really cool in there. Otherwise, do you have a sling that you could where with him in it while shopping? That would free up your hands to get the groceries while keeping your baby close to you. Good luck!


jb - July 15

My dd was like that too when she was that age. She would have a hissy fit if I stopped the cart to look at something. Now she is 5 months old and is 'talking' more and seems to like being out at about. I really think it is a faze. Hang in there, it should pa__s soon.


ash2 - July 15

hey melody. you really cant expect for a child baby this young to adapt to an environment anywhere except his home. if you are used to keeping your lo at home ALL of the time , then he wont get used to going out. also, try making sure he has a clean diaper, has been fed, and had a good nap BEFORE leaving the house. this will definantly help. also do not stay out for long periods at a time. no longer than maybe 2 hours at a time. GOOD LUCK!!


hello - July 16

i say listen to your mom, if u carry him once then he will expect it all the time... My daughter carried on once and she was around 11 months old, she got picked up and carried on the next time.... i couldnt carry her as i was alone..... i dont agree with ash... i too am a sahm and yea we stay home but at the same time we go out to malls, friends etc and she was doing so after her second week so how else will melodys baby adapt.....dont worry about the stares, most parents are used to seeing that sorta thing... provide something musical in the car seat even... kids dont run the show, i am slowly learning this.........


MelodyB - July 16

Hey there, thanks for some of the suggestions. I should clarify a few things: I am a SAHM mom (I'm also a military wife living in Germany) but we definitely go out as much as we can since I want him to socialize with others. And naturally, I make sure that he has been fed, dry diaper, and tried to nap before we go out anywhere. He has been carrying on like this only in the last 2 weeks but before this, we would go out all the time and he would play with his toys or take naps in the seat. Unfortunately, he will not take a pacifier (he is b___stfed) but I think that I will give the sling a try. I talked to Mom again and she suggested a baby snuggli or something to that effect. So, I told her that I would give the sling a try. I don't care if people stare but when they make nasty comments, it hurts. Everytime I go to the store, he cries and someone approaches me and insinuates that I am bad mother for not picking him up right away. And I have had a store manager approach me about it too hence my stress. I guess my plan of action will be to try the sling (thanks shannan) since he seems to like it and I can be hands-free.


AprilMum - July 16

To hello - while I agree she should find some sort of alternate solution - there's a pretty big difference between a three month old, and an eleven month old.


Heather F - July 16

My baby won't sit in her carseat either, she hates it. So I bought the over the shoulder baby houlder and I shop with herr strapped to me, my movment is calming to her and I talk to her about what I am shopping for, this seems to help because ussually between my voice and movement she falls asleep in the sling and I can shop peacefully. good luck! I agree april mom - a three month old doesnt know that if they cry they are going to get picked up, the cant make that connection, they cry becausee they are not confortable or something is wrong. Maybe your baby is sensitive to stimuli and the strong smells of the store, loudness of other people, change of temp., and brightness is enough to make your ds unableto enjoy the shopping trip without being close to his mommy, which needless to say does not mean at 11 months he will still be this way. I say carry or wear the baby untle he can sit in the cart by himself without the car seat at which point he will probably enjoy watching the other shoppers.


HannahBaby - July 16

my daughter got like that around 3 months. I think that she just didnt like to be stuck in her seat. She wanted to see the world. I used a front carrier until she was able to sit up in the cart on her own.. once she was out of the seat and in the carrier she was fine


Yodergoat - July 17

I will add another vote for a sling... I use an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder, and my daughter enjoys shopping with me while riding in it. She's 4 months and has been a sling-baby since she was a couple of weeks old... I don't know what I would do without it! I can do almost anything with her riding contentedly in her sling... shop, feed my chickens and goats, wash dishes, make 2 take-out plates at the Chinese buffet (including soup!), help serve the fellowship meals at church, etcetera, all with her snuzzled in beside me. Often she sleeps in it, but sometimes she just looks out at everyone. She weighs over 15 pounds but the OTSBH supports her weight so that I barely feel it. She isn't "too attached" to me (is that even possible?), and is friendly with everyone because she feels safe in her little pouch, and it is there to comfort her if she gets scared or cranky... sometimes it is the only thing that will calm her if she is really upset, even more than nursing at times! It draws some attention (mostly positive), but much less than a crying baby. Most people comment on her much I can do with both hands free, or how content that baby is in her "kangaroo pocket." Since you son is older, it might take him a while to get used to it, but once he does, it can be wonderful! And, it is much less c_mbersome than lugging a baby seat. The only thing I can't do with the sling on is... try on clothing. So, I make a nest out of ii and set her on the floor of the changing room. I think the store personnel wonder how it is I manage in the changing room!! Give it a try... and don't worry about "spoiling" your baby with it, as some might say. If it works, it works!



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