3 6 Month Fast Flow Nipples

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mandee25 - January 26

I am trying out 3-6 month fast flow nipples for my 9 weeks old so n because it seems to take forever to feed him with the 0-3 month slwo flow nipples. He is taking these much better. Anyone else have to switch to faster nipples before 3 months of age?


Deirdra - January 26

i was told not to b/c it helps the baby with sucking, if you give it to them so they dont really have to work at it, it helps with strength...i wouldnt...i waiting until my pedi, gave me the ok and i still use slow flow...just have a little patiences thats all...(not trying to be mean at all)...only way i could think ot word it


drea - January 26

I switched to stage 2 nipples pretty early (I think it was at 2 mos or so) My dd seemed like she was getting really frustrated while eating, and as soon as I switched she was sooo much happier. Now at 4 mos I'm still using the stage 2's. I told my ped that I did that and he didnt say there was anything wrong with it. As far as the sucking thing, (IMO) I think it should be fine b/c they still have to suck its just a little easier, plus if you use a paci their sucking skills should be ok. You couls always check with your ped just to be sure. Hope this helps


vonzo - January 26

i started my dd on stage 2 teats from birth. My midwife told me not to bother with stage 1 for the very reason you're describing. It's not done her sucking reflex any harm at all. All babies are different do what you think is best for your lo


mandee25 - January 28

I had to switch him back to the stage 1 nipples because he was making a pig of himself, therefore spitting up way too much. More than he did when he was using the stage 1 nipples. (Sigh!)


Kara H. - January 28

We use stage 2 avent nipples. We have since Max was about 3 months and now he is 6 months. I have bought stage 3 nipples but he just spits and chokes when he pauses to smile or laugh at something while eating. So we only use the stage 3 when he is really tired and just wants to eat and go to sleep quickly.


jenrodel - January 28

Cooper is 4 months tomorrow and we just bought the stage 3 medium flow nipples. (Have been using stage 1). I exclusively bf except for the odd bottle of pumped milk and the number 3 just did not work! He gulped it down so fast he was cranky that it was all gone lol. With the stage one he takes his time and is sleepy and content by the end of the bottle. So, I've gone back to the number 1's... I hope this is okay for him!



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