3 Days Old And Lots Of Painful Gas Please Help

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Linneah - February 8

I just had my son on Sunday, and since he's been born he's had alot of gas. Is this normal? Its so bad and painful for him, he cries in his sleep and always wakes up. I'm sure that I gave it to him, because I myself am lactose intolerant and for that it sometimes brings me to tears.I feel helpless and responsible for it. But we have an appt. for Monday but I was wondering if anyone has or had the same problem and if so can you give me some tips on how to help him. Thank you so much.


Bonnie - February 8

I feel for ya! I'm going through this with my 2 week old. They had me switch to soy which helped a LITTLE. Make sure you burp him well. Infant gas drops (over the counter) are safe to use and help with tummy gas (but they won't help if it's in the lower intestines). You can buy them about anywhere. Also, try elevating hs head a bit when he sleeps, and keep him elevated 10-15 minutes after a feed before putting him down. What kind of bottles do you use? We had Evenflo cheapies and there was lots of foam and air bubbles when he drank. We bought Dr.Brown bottles which gets rid of a lot of the air and try not to shake the formula to mix. The nipple size has a lot to do with it too. If they are too slow baby will gulp air. If they are too fast they will get tummy aches......DH and I have been going nuts the last 2 weeks trying to sort it all out. We've tried all of these things with some improvement but still lots of gas so I'll probly take him to Dr.s next week.


jg - February 8

My nephew was like that - the trick with him, was to lay him face down over your knees or along one arm, while rubbing his back from just above his bum up and over his shoulders - don't rub back down - only in the one direction - quite firmly up and over one shoulder, then up and over the other shoulder. And my SIL put a towel under his mattress so that he was slightly raised - that seemed to help too. Good luck. And congratulations!


Linneah - February 8

OMG, thank you so much for your tips. I"m gonna try them all and hopefully they'll work for him. Thanks again.


karine - February 9

My son was the same at that age....i waited till i got home and i gave him grip water...it works miracles!


Heidi - February 9

Yikes! Brings back memories. I had to burp Emma really good when she was that little. Let her sleep on your chest when she naps. It helps break up the gas when they lay on their tummies. I never tried the gripe water. I wish I would have but never found it in the stores. Gas drops helped sometimes. Try giving her a does before you feed her. Sometimes it worked great and some days it didn't work at all.



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