3 Month Old Is That Really A Tooth I See

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AshleyB - March 6

Hi ladies. Today my Garrett who's 3 months on thursday, was drooling a bit more than usual, and was fussing a little. I looked at his gums and I see 2 little white dots on the bottom just to the side where I think an incisor would be. I am shocked. Isn't this a bit early? Also, he hasn't been overly fussy or had a fever or anything. He's been eating a bit more than usual and sucking on his hands alot, but that's it. Anyone else's babies start teething at barely 3 months old?


Erynn21 - March 6

My dd had 2 teeth at 3.5 months, she started teething about 3 months, I was shocked also. She barely fussed and was really drooling for about 2 weeks. She's now 6 months w those 2 teeth only.


Smilefull - March 6

babies can be born with teeth--doesn't happen too often---


Mellissa - March 6

Rylee got her first teeth around that age and had a mouthful before she was a year old. so yup.. it's totally possible. :)


Ca__sie06 - March 6

It is possible! Right at 4 months DS got both his bottom teeth. He is 7 months now and getting the top two.


Emily - March 6

3-7 mos is a normal range with most being about 6 mos. Marcy didn't her first till 8. it is possible....


Steph - March 6

My little guy got his two bottom teeth at four months, and now at eight months he's got six teeth. My daughter didn't get her first tooth until she was nine months, so it really varies, but still totally possible.


ash2 - March 6

Smilfull is right...babies can be born with lots of teeth , but rarely happens. My first DS got his first tooth at 4 months, so it can happen.....


Mommy_to_be - March 6

Babies can be born with "teeth" but they're not real teeth...they're rootless and have to be pulled after birth to allow for the real baby teeth. The two front teeth will usually show up between 3 and 8 months...followed by the top two.



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