3 Month Old Not Sleeping Thru Night

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Erin - November 30

Hi there. My daughter is 13 weeks old, and is still very hit and miss with sleeping. She seems to only sleep 4-5 hours during the night, and sometimes refuses to nap in her crib during the day. I don't know what to do. I switched her to formula thinking that would help, but it seemed to at first, but she is reverting to her old ways. She wants to cat-nap during the day in her bouncy chair. Any ideas to get her to sleep thru the night, and nap for longer than 30 minutes during the day would be much appreciated!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

I wish I had an answer for you, but just wanted to let you know I feel your pain! My 15 week old son takes catnaps during the day. If I am lucky he might sleep 1-2 hrs in his crib sometimes. And everytime it seems we are getting a routine down, it all goes to hell! He gets up 1-2 times per night to eat and even when he is sleeping, it is such a restless sleep I don't get any sleep. He flails and wakes crying frequently. He has always been this way. It is really hard. He will not sleep in his crib at night. The only way we get any sleep is if he sleeps with us. It is a never ending battle. He is awfully cute though!! : )


Jamie - November 30

Try putting her down for a nap about 10 minutes earlier than normal...it may be that she's overtired, and that's why she's refusing to nap. If she naps better during the day, she'll most likely end up sleeping better at night.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

It sounds great in theory, and I cannot speak for Erin's baby, but I could try a nap 20 min earlier and with my son it would never matter. He is a very high maintenance baby. And the theory of letting a baby fall asleep on their own is great too, but some babies are just not programmed that way, my kid is one of them. I do whatever I have to do to get him to sleep at all!


ally - November 30

My daughter slept all nite from 5 weeks, was drinking formula and could sleep 6 hrs during the day between 2 sleeps. She was put on her back, no dummy, made sure she was burped cause that plays a big part and if she wasn't burped properly she would wake not long after being put down. When she was smaller she would fall asleep drinking her milk or the ba__sinett would get rocked. It could be an individual thing, i was blessed cause even now she puts herself to sleep day time and especially nite time, is very placid and was from day one. Don't get them up the minute they cry, if fully burped persist cause at one stage we had to do kinda controlled crying stuff because at the same time they are babies and need to sleep. We also had her ba__sinett in the loungeroom day time and that wasnt working so as soon as it went into another room, darkened etc it helped. Good luck


qwert - November 30

Hey Erin! you're not alone...My 7mth old sleeps from abt 7pm onwards til abt 4am and in between still wkes up for 2 feeds. . then it's playtime for him( imagine!! at 4am!!). i'm so tired! lol! then i'll feed him milk, then play, put on his favourite song cd, go for a walk then solids at abt 9am then sleep. and he sleeps for an hour if i'm lucky. At first, I was a little put off thinking things like "why can't he be like any other baby who sleeps most of the day away?" it's like it's never ending. He's always needed less sleep than what some books or articles claims that a baby needs a day. So i think every baby is different. your baby is 13 weeks old so, it will still get better gradually but it won't be fair for baby to have a routine imposed on her. just let her decide first, then you can try to tweak HER routine a little here and there and kinda reach a compromise between the 2 of you. good luck Erin!


Karen - December 2

Erin I am going through the same thing with my litlle boy who is 3 months also. Your not alone. Hang in there they are sopose to change soon :)


Sarah - December 2

I am also in the same boat. My situation sounds alot like Rachaels. It sounds like it's normal. I just hope my next next baby is the mellow one. lol!


Kelly - December 2

Fout to five hours IS sleeping "through the night". You just have to change your perspective.



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