3 Month Old Arching Back

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ry - July 5

Hi guys, my dd has a new habit that drives me crazy-whenever i try to hold her or burp or her set her in her chair or swing she arches her back out so and she slides down and you cant hold her. She does this in the tub too. I have a little cousin who has noonans syndrome and he used to do this too so its a little concerning to me. Does anyone else's baby do this? Is it normal? Thanks


Rabbits07 - July 5

I don't think that is actually a symptom of Noonans so I wouldn't be concerned as far as the arching goes being related to Noonans. I don't really know what else would cause it unless it is just something that she has learned she can do so she just does it.


Rabbits07 - July 5

oh, does she seem like she is in pain or anything when doing it?


HANNAHs Mom - July 5

My dd will arch her back when she is either tired, just wants to be held or also if I try to put her somewhere..like her highchair and she just plain ole does not want to go there. I would say it is normal and she is just communicating her wants and needs with you.


Kel - July 5

ry - my 3 month old just started doing this as well. I thought she was going to climb out of the tub the other day! Anyway, I figure she was just getting older and more aware of what is going on around her - almost like she is fighting me saying she doesn't want a bath right now, etc. I think they are just starting to get their personalities!


waiting100 - July 5

my 3 month old ds has started doing the same thing -- seems like he does when he is fighting going to sleep -- (i used to be able to rock him in my lap from side to side to sooth him and get him sleepy, but now when I do that he just arches his back and almost flys out of my lap!!)


Lalla - July 5

my friend described her ds doing that when he had reflux - but the arching was accompanied with serious screeming as well. are your children quite when they arch or are they upset?


Bonnie - July 8

Ry...you deal with reflux as well right? Back arching is a HUGE sign of that.



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