3 Month Old Doesn T Nap

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angeev - January 19

Hello All-My little guy will not nap. He hasn't been much of a napper since day one but these past couple weeks it is NO NAP! I can't complain because he sleeps really well at night. But in the early evenings he is overly tired and miserable and I get soooo annoyed with him. Then he is down for the night sometimes by 4:30 (at earliest, we try to aim for 6:30-7 but it rarely happens) and you can't wake him. He will sleep a solid 6-9 hours, then go back down until atleast 4:30 am. But I know if we could get the timing right he would sleep through the night and enjoy his afternoons much better. Any suggestions?


KSM - January 19

I'm not sure if i'm just lucky but my 3 month old is doing pretty well with naps/ bedtime. It might just be the routine. She eats for the last time late at night 9:30 or so then i bathe her and put her down for the night 10:30 or 11. She will usually sleep till 8:30 or 9am. then her "day routine" starts. she eats, then has playtime/waketime and then naps, usually at least an hour. I feed her every 3 hours. Might be worth a try. Also the swaddle wraps really make her feel safe and she'll sleep longer especially during the day. Hope this may help you!


DDT - January 19

IMO you need to get him on a better daily sleeping routine. Are you okay with him waking up for the day at 4:30am? If so then carry on what you're doing...but he is becoming crabby in the late afternoon and then crashing so early because of a lack of sleep. My ds was never a good napper either...actually from birth it was more of a complete lack of naps. He was VERY grumpy. In essence I had to "teach" him how to sleep and self-soothe himself. I put him onto a nap & feeding routine when he was 6 wks old and it worked completely. Some babies need the follow-up routine to nap in order to get a good nap (if that makes any sense!). "The Baby Whisperer" (3rd series) is a good book to read or even skim through, but briefly at 3 months your lo should be napping ever 1.5-2hrs, waking anywhere from 6-8am and going to bed for the nap anywhere from 6-8pm. This amount of sleep is healthy for his development and overall daily mood. Good luck!


DDT - January 19

BTW bedtime routine (bath, book, bottle/b___st, bed) is crucial. It really sets them up for the night. Also, as for the feeding routine...at 3 months your lo can be feeding every 3hrs with cluster feeding before bedtime, and a dream feed between 10-11pm. Routine brings familiarlity to their days and makes them feel secure in their surroundings.


angeev - January 20

Thanks! I do agree that he needs a routine and daily schedule. I have been obcessed with that since day one but everyone said not to force it and he would create his own...well he has and it sucks. I'm not really okay with him getting up at 4 am, plus he is in childcare until 3 so I get such little time with him in the evenings and there are plenty days when dad doesn't see him at all. BTW he does nap fine at daycare but it still is a fight to keep him up past 5. I do need to get some self disipline and really buckle down a schedule for him, now that I am back to work it should be easier. We do the same daily routines but it is never at the same times, I just follow his ques to know when to begin. What about a nap routine? I need to get that book, this is not the first time I have seen it mentioned. THANKS SO MUCH KSM AND DDT!!



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